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Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University Fosters Better Student‐Alumni Collaboration with DotNetNuke

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  • 10/3/2011

Top‐ranked MBA school launches new website, intranet and social networking capabilities

San Mateo, Calif. – October 3, 2011 – DotNetNuke Corp. today announced that the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University (Johnson) selected the DotNetNuke Web content management system to rebuild its Web presence and create a streamlined user experience for alumni and students. With the DotNetNuke platform and tools, Johnson’s technical team was able to create a visually rich, intuitive site that includes a state‐of-the-art external‐facing website and a robust intranet for students to improve employment prospects by communicating and collaborating with alumni.

Using a single instance of DotNetNuke Professional Edition, Johnson worked with an external consulting firm to design a highly functional site incorporating modern customer interaction elements. Johnson added a top‐level global navigation bar that quickly directs users to secondary sites for more detailed information, while the creation of a new intranet provided an alumni portal for current students to build out their professional network by connecting with Johnson graduates.

“We were interested in a Web content management platform that was affordable, flexible, open source, where we could also receive great technical support,” said Robin Parker, Web and database programming manager for Johnson. “DotNetNuke filled all these needs and we were able to quickly launch a community site that includes the entire student population, while encouraging increased interaction between students and alumni.”

After launching its external website, the Johnson technical team was allotted just three months to design, deliver and implement a new alumni portal. The wide availability of modules for DotNetNuke, through sources like the DotNetNuke online store, expedited the school’s efforts and enabled the team to launch its intranet quickly and efficiently. The low cost and familiar development environment allowed the technical team to completely revamp the school’s existing site on budget and on time.

“I don’t think there is any content management system that touches DotNetNuke in terms of price point and rich features,” said Parker. “The platform was cost‐effective and easy for the technical staff to learn, which allowed us to streamline development efforts and meet our aggressive launch deadline.”

The Johnson technical team leveraged DotNetNuke modules to increase its site’s functionality and to promote easy integration with existing infrastructure. DNNArticle allows the school’s marketing team to easily edit, input and publish articles on a day‐to‐day basis without any assistance from the technical staff. DotNetNuke Active Social and Active Forums modules populate the alumni portal as an easy‐to‐use interactive platform for users to connect, communicate and facilitate discussions.

“The Active Social tool is similar to Facebook,” said Parker. “We made a big departure from the previous site, and didn’t want users to come and then have to figure out how to use the tools. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people on how easy they are to use.”

Using DotNetNuke, Johnson deployed a visually rich site that makes it easy for prospective students to find information, while connecting current students with alumni in a structured, interactive environment. The Johnson technical team was able to eliminate the usability issues that plagued its existing online infrastructure, while adding increased functionality and features.

“Effective, interactive websites are mission‐critical components of any university’s student, alumni and faculty communications,” said Mitch Bishop, chief marketing officer at DotNetNuke. “DotNetNuke provides a flexible, extensible platform, enterprise‐grade functionality and a support system that enables the successful delivery and management of a first‐class Web presence.”


About Johnson at Cornell University
A top‐ranked business school, Johnson has three core distinctions that combined allow it to continually attract and retain the best students and faculty. First of these distinctions is the school's direct connections to the vast research, teaching, and alumni resources of Cornell University‐‐ the largest and most comprehensive Ivy League university; then there is the school's intense, collaborative community ‐‐ a plus of its deliberately small size; and finally, its performance‐learning approach that yields understanding while demanding results. The experiences Johnson students receive during their MBA journey creates the type of leader that organizations and entrepreneurial ventures demand today. Johnson graduates know how to harness the collective strengths of others to create extraordinary results.

About DotNetNuke Corp.
DotNetNuke software is used by developers, designers and business people to quickly build and easily maintain websites of all kinds. We are the number one Web content management solution in the Microsoft ecosystem over 700,000 websites have been deployed worldwide using our products. Our online store speeds up this process by offering over 10,000 apps and add-ons that quickly and easily extend our product. Thousands of organizations like True Value, Bose, Cornell University, Glacier Water, Pier One Imports, El Camino Hospital and the City of Denver have leveraged DotNetNuke to deploy highly engaging business critical websites. There have been over 7 million downloads of our open source project, which fuels an active global community one million strong. The rapid growth of our commercial products resulted in DotNetNuke Corp. being named as one of the fastest growing private companies in America on the 2011 Inc. 500 list. Founded in 2006 and funded by Sierra Ventures, August Capital and Pelion Venture Partners, DotNetNuke Corp. is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in Vancouver and Amsterdam.

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