DNN Release Notes — 2020 Jun 29

Released 2020 Jun 29



Noteworthy Changes in v9.6.1

Bug Fixes

  • #3702 Fixed an issue where user role icons where not showing. Thanks @daguiler
  • #3707 Fixed an issue where Services Framework was not requested by the Toast skin object. Thanks @bdukes
  • #3721 Fixed an issue where content export validation message was not shown. Thanks @daguiler
  • #3728 Fixed an issue where the behavior of advanced search scopes was wrong. Thanks @donker
  • #3729 Fixed many reported issues by updating jQuery to 3.5.1. Thanks @bdukes
  • #3736 Fixed an issue with search results page rendering due to jQuery 3.5.0 breaking changes. Thanks @valadas
  • #3755 Fixed an issue where icons in language editor where not showing. Thanks @valadas


  • #3696 Added DI support to scheduler. Thanks @bdukes
  • #3704 Corrects typos and errors in module settings. Thanks @valadas

Developer Experience / Documentation

  • #3699 Correct CONTRIBUTING links in issue templates. Thanks @david-poindexter
  • #3737 Updated copyright date in sln info file. Thanks @donker
  • #3740 Changed "Dotnetnuke Professional" to "DNN Platform" in 2 releasenotes.txt files. Thanks @Timo-Breumelhof
  • #3741 Adds action to automated versioning on creation of RCs. Thanks @valadas
  • #3742 Locked versions of image-actions and checkout actions to prevent running unpublished releases. Thanks @valadas

More changes from 9.6.0 and 9.5.0 releases

EVOQ 9.6.1


Evoq Basic 9.6.1 contains the new features listed above in DNN Platform 9.6.1.
  • Insert Image button does not work (when trying to insert image from site's assets)
  • Bad Request error when uploading files to Global Assets folder
  • Cache won't sync between server instances if the site using liquid content heavily
  • Edit Bar is not shown on page editing
  • File Crawler scheduler task fails with error
  • File Crawler will fail if any portals are created with invalid state
  • HTML Pro Module > Advanced Editor > Browse Server Doesn't Overwrite Existing Files When Uploading
  • HTML Pro module does not track change history for links
  • HTML Pro module- Hyperlinks do not accept apostrophe in the files name
  • Page in redirect mode doesn't work under ssl offloading environment
  • Web Server Monitor causing IIS App Pool Restarts on a Web Farm


Evoq Content 9.6.1 contains the new features listed above in DNN Platform 9.6.1 and Evoq Basic 9.6.1.
  • [Admin Experience - IE] Evoq > Content > Content Library > UI Issue - Incorrect alignment of Single Line Text having appearance of Phone Number in IE11 browser
  • Article excerpt not showing when using filter tag.
  • Cannot add visualizer to a page
  • Cannot use custom endpoint handler for Form submission
  • Content editors will force logout after preview the images in content item
  • Content Personalization: Shared Modules Issue
  • Content Type with File Upload On Save fails
  • Disabled Beacon Analytics
  • DNN Form : Date and Time Format are Incorrect When Exported
  • Form Builder Microservices: Returning 422 (Error Searching)
  • Form response email is not send if user submitting the form has login session expired
  • Not able to see the tooltip in Evoq and personalized pages are broken due to jquery upgrade
  • Page Analytics Microservice: Page Trend Errors
  • Unable to edit Visualizer settings after moving Visualizer to another page
  • User is able to delete the Service Language for which content variant is created


Evoq Engage 9.6.1 contains the new features listed above in DNN Platform 9.6.1, Evoq Basic 9.6.1 and Evoq Content 9.6.1.
  • Update the notification email content for new comment on group activity page