DNN Release Notes — 2019 Sep 06

Released 2019 Sep 06



Noteworthy Changes in v9.3.2
  • Added a placeholder to avoid the delayed slide effect when loading the PersonaBar.
  • Security Analyzer: display the full path to make it easier to find suspicious files identified.
  • Digital Assets: Azure folders are slow to open.
  • Fixed an installation issue on lower performance database servers.
  • Uses source-map for webpack config.
  • Unable to "Add an Existing Module" from a disabled page
  • Username is changed to email address in the user profile if the "Use Email Address as Username" is enabled.
  • add the full path for all the files in security analyzer to mke it easy to determine if it is a malicious file or not
  • Add Page Localization tooltips

EVOQ 9.3.1


Evoq Basic 9.3.1 contains the new features listed above in DNN Platform 9.3.2.
  • DNN Products > Manage > Sites > Blank Sites page is displayed in IE Browser
  • PB > Content > Pages goes blank when no EDIT permission
  • can't remove user when user have deleted journal items
  • System accepting current password when changing the password for the user
  • Cannot add second module to a page
  • remove "Invoice" and replace it with "License" in the add a license menu


Evoq Content 9.3.1 contains the new features listed above in DNN Platform 9.3.2 and Evoq Basic 9.3.1.
  • Publisher module not publishing HTML content.
  • In Visualizer Content Item edit breaks on navigating to Forms or Content Library
  • visualizer url provider will break CDF composite file function
  • Content Type not getting edited - Content Manager
  • In Visualizer Content Item, user is not able to Select asset from the folder after navigating from Forms or Content Library


Evoq Engage 9.3.1 contains the new features listed above in DNN Platform 9.3.2, Evoq Basic 9.3.1 and Evoq Content 9.3.1.
  • Engage
    • Blog list not recognizing blog topics if the user is not logged in
    • Additional Google Analytics Connector is displayed.