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  • 4/7/2015




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Notifications were introduced in DotNetNuke 6.2.0 and are messages sent from the site directly to the user that require some form of action. At a minimum, this action could be as simple as deleting the notification. In other cases, notifications may require a user to choose an action to complete a process. This could be for approving content or acknowledging a particular request. All current notifications can be viewed under the messaging centre.

Notifications have a rich API which both core code and 3rd party developers can use. In 6.2.0, the API does not contain the ability to create custom notification actions via the API, so developers must use one of the predefined Notification action types. A later release will support the ability to define custom notification actions.

Core integration

Notifications are triggered under the following circumstances:

  • when a tab (page) is updated if content localization has been updated (a notication sends to all members of the relevant language translator role)
  • The HTML module has code to send notifications if a workflow has 'notify" enabled - however the CE version only has draft and published states neither of which have notify enabled by default. The PE/EE html module allows for creation of custom workflow states and the notify flag can be set at that time.
  • The member directory module supports notifications for both friend and follower requests (these are also surfaced in other areas such as user profile)
  • The social groups module has a number of notifications
  • a notification is sent to the owner when someone joins a group
  • a notification is sent to the user when they are either accepted or rejected from a group,
  • a notification is sent to group moderators to approve or reject a group (if group moderation is enabled)
  • a notiifcaition is sent to the group moderators when a group is created (if group moderation is disabled)

Module integration

The DotNetNuke blog 5.0 has the following notifications:

  • A comment is pending approval (to blog owner) - Approve, Delete

  • A blog entry is pending approval (from ghost writer to blog owner, if ghost writing is enabled) - Approve, Delete

  • A blog entry draft has been deleted (from blog owner to ghost author on approval delete) - Dismiss

  • A comment has been added (to blog owner) - Dismiss

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What is Liquid Content?
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