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Forum Module

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The DotNetNuke® Forum is a full featured module used for managing forums and email notification of posts on your DNN site.

About Forum

The bare bones definition of a forum is the ability for people to start threads and reply to other people's threads. However, most forum software provides considerably more than this. Most forum software allows more than one forum to be created. These forums are containers for threads started by the community. Depending on the permissions of community members as defined by the board's administrator, they can post replies to existing threads and start new threads as they wish. A forum administrator typically has the ability to edit, delete, move or otherwise modify any thread on the forum. These moderator privileges are often able to be delegated to other forum members. The reasons for having these abilities are often to allow peace to be maintained and the rules to be enforced.

Some Features Include:
  • Role Avatar support
  • User Banning
  • Post Reporting Details
  • Direct Post Links w/ Anchors
  • Admin/Moderator/User Control Panels
  • Per Forum RSS Enable/Disable
  • Support for Multiple Attachments
  • Support for Inline Post Image Attachments
  • Per Forum FROM Notification Email Addresses
  • More Control Over Email Queue
  • Subforum Support
  • Thread Bookmarking
  • Simpler Notification Management (from a single spot)
  • Support for Limiting Post Edit Period
  • My Posts Support
  • Search Keyword Highlighting
  • New Private Messaging Outbox
  • Jump to Last Unread Post Support
  • Ability to view latest threads by time frame


The Forum module was originally created by Tam Tran Minh of TTT Corporation. It was integrated into the DotNetNuke 3.x platform and contributed as an official project by Bryan Andrews at AppTheory. Chris Paterra, then with AppTheory, has maintained the module since its original contribution and maintains it on behalf of DotNetNuke Corporation today.
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