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4/15/2013 1:53 PM
Ryan Moore wrote:
4. Back within DNN itself, how about integration into the Extensions section of your DNN instance just like the items found on the DNN Store?

Although it looks bad (too much stuff crammed into a tiny area so that even good modules don’t present themselves well enough for someone to learn about them without going to the full store site to review them… but that’s a different open letter I should post), why are DNN Store modules the only ones listed within the MORE EXTENSIONS tab integration?

Perhaps not all Forge modules would want to be listed, perhaps it would become a checkbox to set whether your Forge item would be present there, but the main point is that IF we are imagining that some DNN users are unaware of Forge modules, that is one place within DNN that is intended to help make it easier for people to find modules/extensions. During his keynote, Will Strohl even mentioned that it was one of his favorite things to show people and, “see their eyes light up” when he showed them how they could install new extensions from inside DNN. That’s great! But if we want the Forge to be out there too, how about including it there?


SOME Forge Modules and Skins are in-fact searchable in the More Extensions feed. It is just hard to see which ones are store and forge (the icons differ, but the icons don't make sense). Also the updates for Forge modules in that feed don't work very well, you can't tell which version of a module is coming from the forge. EX: Search for Form and List and you'll find multiple listings, but good luck figuring out which is the latest one.

Chris Hammond
Former DNN Corp Employee, MVP, Core Team Member, Trustee Software Solutions DotNetNuke Module Development, Upgrades and consulting.
New Post
4/16/2013 9:26 AM

I'll try to be succinct :)


  • Cull regularly to just have modules that work on current major version and current major version -1
  • Cull regularly to only list modules that have reputation for eg if they haven't had a few 'keep in the Forge' votes in the last year, ditch them (archive the project)
  • Validate, verify and review. Allow module users to report 'bad' modules (insecure, broken etc etc). Ratings isn't enough, we need to trim the bloat by throwing out dodgy stuff.
  • Somehow combine the Forge and Snowcovered/DNN Store. I just don't see the need for both.
New Post
4/16/2013 10:38 AM

While I agree that it would be helpful to indicate when extensions are broken or out-of-date, within the Forge, ideally the response would be to help fix it (since it's all OSS).  So, I don't know that hiding or removing it completely is the answer.

 The fact that the module is in the forge should indicate that it is somewhat open to contributions, right?  The reason we have a forge is to support open source.

Brian Dukes
Engage Software
St. Louis, MO
DNN partner specializing in custom, enterprise DNN development.
New Post
4/16/2013 10:33 PM
Fair enough. There should at least be a couple of other baskets - 'old version' and 'broken or beta' so that people know what's current and what's not recommended for production use, without having to sift through the detail of each module.

Plus, those of us that want to lend a hand can then see the modules that are in need of help.
New Post
4/16/2013 11:35 PM
What dictates whether a Forge module is shown in the Extensions Feed within DNN? I went searching, for example, for "Chat" and didn't find SignalRChat inside the DNN Extensions Feed

Having those results more mixed, and perhaps marking with color or shape/title to the listing to say whether it's from the Forge or the Store seems like a good idea.

And then for the store elements to the Forge and some Forge elements to the store, I wouldn't recommend necessarily combining the two together. I get the idea for keeping the Forge where it is and separate.

But it seems that both could benefit from some unification in style, layout and some basic features so that there would be a more uniform presentation to admin-level users who can be a crowd that doesn't spend the time to try out or figure out new things within the DNN sites as much. I think that keeping the presentation styles similar would help get them more familiar with the Forge. And I think that some features of how the Forge presents a uniform way of presenting the content of a module description with tabs could be useful for the Store where it's really the wild west of people putting up any variety of style of content.
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