Notifying Translators

Once a page is ready to be translated, translators can be notified using the localization settings section for the page. Users with permissions to the LanguagesMultiple languages (cultures) can be enabled on DNN. This can be enabled for the DNN framework (e.g. the field names on the Edit pages) and for the site content by creating content in each language using content localization. module can also perform this task. Translators and Administrators only.

  1. Navigate to the page that is ready for translation.
  2. Select PageA page on a DNN site. Localization from the Edit PageA page on a DNN site. menu of the ControlBarThe ControlBar is the default Control Panel provided with DNN..
  3. Click the Notify Translators button. This will display the comment window.
  4. In the Send notification to Translators text box, enter a message that will be sent to translators.
  5. Click the Send button.