Wolf X Machina

Victoria, Canada

World-class theme and module interface development

I believe that honesty and simplicity is the cornerstone of happiness and success for everyone. Everything I create stems from this belief.

Since 2006, I've been creating beautifully simple interfaces for both the users and the administrators on the DNN CMS. By using the design-first methodology and reliable modules, I develop solutions that deliver more and last longer. I work on DNN websites that are used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Here's how I take your DNN website to the next level:

Rock-solid responsive skins, themes, and templates

Every custom page skin and module theme is built to work on all screen sizes using Bootstrap 4 and modern front-end development techniques. I have lots of experience working with turning desktop designs into hyper-usable interfaces on touch devices.

2SXC: Clever content types and templates to make managing content easy

Virtually every piece of content, no matter how complicated, can be made easy to update through point-and-click forms and drag and drop. I can make editable modules like hero banners, staff listings, photo galleries, call to actions, and so much more.

EasyDNNNews Articles: List and details views of literally anything

News articles, blog posts, and events are common on a website. On top of those, I build listings for magazine articles, job postings, resources, projects, and almost anything else you can dream up. The listings and details can have your designs, search, tags, and any type of custom field.

DNNSharp Action Forms: Powerful forms and add-ons that can deliver more than just email

Aside from simple contact forms, I create easy to use forms that can handle PayPal payment, membership, and even automatically turn submissions into PDFs ready for print. I've created many beautiful web forms with custom functionality.

Multilingual: Modules and content in any language

All the websites I build on DNN Platform have built-in multilingual features so your users can choose the language they prefer. The best part is that translating content is easy for you and your customers.

Content Production: Adding and styling content on your website

Adding content to your website can look like an easy task, but sometimes it can be a laborious task if you're dealing with dozens or even hundreds of pages or articles. More than just copy and paste, I can create new modules for different types of content and optimize images.

Designers, IT teams, and DNN Developers rely on WOLF X MACHINA to deliver amazing work coupled with brilliant customer support.

Wolf X Machina



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Wolf X Machina

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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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