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New Post
6/1/2015 8:43 AM

Here is the store page for our NB Store.  The drop down lists appear to be set via the template file with Javascript code.  I'm not yet familiar with what interface there is to change the settings in this code.

The client has just one product so just wants a very simple display.  Out of the box, the store assumes more than one product and therefore these 2 lists.

I don't see a way to do this modifying the code in the template and re-installing the module on the site.  Since it's in the template for NB Store, it must be in settings someplace.  All I need to do is find the setting and put in a Visible="False" on both these.  (I think)

Would like to make this a setting so the client can control it.  Any ideas?


New Post
6/1/2015 4:42 PM
Hi Michael,
for questions regarding 3rd party products, I would use the support options of the vendor/developer (in this case the discussions on their codeplex micro site)

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

dnnWerk - The DotNetNuke Experts   German Spoken DotNetNuke User Group

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New Post
6/1/2015 7:49 PM

I did go to an NB Store Forum, been waiting a week ...

This is more or less a DNN question, being as the code to set up the module must go into DNN Settings someplace, I just can't figure it out.  It is similar to the template output for another person I do development work for -- that is, when I export a template I see this same code.  The code shown is from their ManagerMenuDefault.xml file.  I've highlighted the code where I know I should be able to insert a Visible False attribute.

I'm wondering where this would live in the DNN Database and what tutorials there are for developing modules like this.  I'll chase up the entry I made on the NB Store site and make sure any reply wasn't junk-mailed and then I deleted it.

 However, to keep it DNN proper -- where do I train myself up on how to work with modules in this way?  That'll do the trick for me.

<listheader.text Lang="None" CtrlType="" GroupRef="root/catalogue/products" HostOnly="True">
<![CDATA[&lt;div id=&quot;mylistheader&quot; class=&quot;ListHeader&quot;&gt;

&lt;div class=&quot;SearchTerm&quot;&gt;
&lt;span id=&quot;searchtxthdrleft&quot;&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;span id=&quot;searchtxt&quot;&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&lt;span id=&quot;searchtxthdrright&quot;&gt;&lt;/span&gt;
&lt;div id=&quot;searchstrdiv&quot; style=&quot;visibility:hidden;&quot; &gt;

&lt;select id=&quot;listSort&quot; class=&quot;NormalTextBox SortCatalogue&quot; onchange=&quot;location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value + &#39;&amp;&#39; + getElementById(&#39;listLength&#39;)[getElementById(&#39;listLength&#39;).selectedIndex].value.split(&#39;?&#39;)[1] + document.getElementById(&#39;searchstrdiv&#39;).innerHTML.replace(&#39;amp;&#39;,&#39;&#39;);&quot;&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=name&amp;amp;desc=0&amp;amp;&quot;&gt;Sort by&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=cdate&amp;amp;desc=1&quot;&gt;Newest&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=price&amp;amp;desc=0&quot;&gt;Lowest price&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=price&amp;amp;desc=1&quot;&gt;Highest price&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=man&amp;amp;desc=0&quot;&gt;Manufacturer A-Z&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=man&amp;amp;desc=1&quot;&gt;Manufacturer Z-A&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=name&amp;amp;desc=0&quot;&gt;Title A-Z&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=name&amp;amp;desc=1&quot;&gt;Title Z-A&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=ref&amp;amp;desc=0&quot;&gt;Code asc&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?orderby=ref&amp;amp;desc=1&quot;&gt;Code desc&lt;/option&gt;

&lt;select id=&quot;listLength&quot; class=&quot;NormalTextBox PageLength&quot; onchange=&quot;location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value + &#39;&amp;&#39; + getElementById(&#39;listSort&#39;)[getElementById(&#39;listSort&#39;).selectedIndex].value.split(&#39;?&#39;)[1] + document.getElementById(&#39;searchstrdiv&#39;).innerHTML.replace(&#39;amp;&#39;,&#39;&#39;);&quot;&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?psize=9&amp;foo&quot;&gt;Page size&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?psize=6&quot;&gt;Short&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?psize=9&quot;&gt;Default&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?psize=18&quot;&gt;Long&lt;/option&gt;
&lt;option value=&quot;?psize=36&quot;&gt;Longest&lt;/option&gt;


&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;

var searchString =;
var i, val;
var params = searchString.replace(&#39;?&#39;,&#39;&amp;&#39;).split(&#39;&amp;&#39;);
var pgsize,pgorder,pdesc,searchstr;
pgsize = 9;
pgorder = &#39;name&#39;;
pdesc = 0;
for (i=0;i&lt;params.length;i++) {
val = params[i].split(&#39;=&#39;);
if(val[0]== &quot;psize&quot;)
else if(val[0]== &quot;orderby&quot;)
else if(val[0]== &quot;desc&quot;)
else if((val[0]).toLowerCase()== &quot;search&quot;)
{ searchstr=val[1]; }

document.getElementById(&#39;listLength&#39;).value=&#39;?psize=&#39; + pgsize;
document.getElementById(&#39;listSort&#39;).value =&#39;?orderby=&#39; + pgorder + &#39;&amp;desc=&#39; + pdesc;

searchstr =decodeURIComponent(searchstr.replace(/\+/g, &#39;%20&#39;));
document.getElementById(&#39;searchstrdiv&#39;).innerHTML= &#39;&amp;search=&#39; + searchstr ;
document.getElementById(&#39;searchtxthdrleft&#39;).innerHTML= &#39;Results for &quot;&#39; ;
document.getElementById(&#39;searchtxthdrright&#39;).innerHTML= &#39;&quot;&#39; ;
document.getElementById(&#39;searchtxt&#39;).innerHTML = searchstr;


New Post
6/2/2015 4:34 AM
I know, that NBStore places most of it content in a single table (packed as XML), but it might use ModuleSettings and TabModuleSettings tables as well.

Cheers from Germany,
Sebastian Leupold

dnnWerk - The DotNetNuke Experts   German Spoken DotNetNuke User Group

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New Post
6/2/2015 7:06 AM
Accepted Answer 


depending on the NB_Store version these things may work a bit different (and also @Sebastian: the single table approach in NB_Store is introduced in version 3 - still kind of late beta or very newly released, so if we talk about version 2, this is not the case).

Everything (or almost everything) in NB_Store's look and feel is done by the templating system that can get accessed in the backoffice area. The two drop down lists in your example are in the listheader.text template (right at the top) - at least in NB_Store 2.x.x.

Happy DNNing!

Michael Tobisch
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