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Benjamin Freitag

Benjamin Freitagvoted on I'm tryin to move my site to production, but I'm getting a Null Reference Error

Every time I run into this error, it ends up being a typo or configuration mistake. If you get this again in the future, try:

  • Double-check the existence and spelling of everything in the database connection strings
Francisco Perez AndresDavid PoindexterRalph Williamsand 1 other also voted on itFrancisco Perez Andresand 3 others also voted on it

5 months ago

hossein mahdavi

hossein mahdavivoted on Tun off popups in DNN 9

UPDATE PortalSettings
SET SettingValue = 0
WHERE (SettingName = 'EnablePopUps')

Chad Weiss also voted on itChad Weiss also voted on it

7 months ago

Lori Carroll

Lori Carrollearned the privilege Up-vote Posts

Earned the Up-vote Posts privilege!
Tim DietsAdam RossBill Withamand 1033 others also earned the privilege Tim Dietsand 1035 others also earned the privilege

1 year ago

Jelte  Schuurbiers

Jelte Schuurbierscommented onDNN Connect Conference

Kevin  CamposMario  PattersonMartijn Goedings also commented onKevin  Camposand 2 others also commented on

1 year ago

Chris Onyak

Chris Onyakvoted on Fast way to remove all instances of a module (on pages) without removing the module from DNN

Here is a stored procedure I created to delete instances of a module from all pages in a portal with cleanup of all dependencies.  It will not delete the module definition or packaging.  Use at own risk.


1 year ago

Daniel Comp

Daniel Compvoted on redirect after login v9

Here ya go...

Clint PattersonWill StrohlDavid Poindexter also voted on itClint Pattersonand 2 others

also voted on it

1 year ago

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopezvoted on 9.1.1 SMTP Default Email Address?

<p>There used to be a setting for the host email, but that was probably not ported over when the persona bar was introduced. Is that in Dnn 9?
<p>I had report of similar issue but sending to [email protected] no matter w ...

1 year ago

Elize Silva

Elize Silvaanswered the question create skin

Hi, Jonathan! Have a look here: and here . Well, they are written for earlier versions, & ...

2 years ago

Chris Hammond

Chris Hammondvoted on How can I handle the profile updated event?

So, I want to handle the profile updated event, in order to synchronize the custom profile properties of each user to a different database. The problem is that I can't catch this event. I'm able to successfully catch the UserUpdated event (and syn ...

2 years ago

Carolina Li

Carolina Lianswered the question Switching databases

If you found information on how to solve this problem, please report it, I also have this transition. I want to avoid problems in the transition process, well I drew attention to your question. Regards, Carolina My site:
Anna Lindström also answered the question Anna Lindström also answered the question

2 years ago

Liam Black

Liam Blackanswered the question Updating User Profile Phone error

I had a similar, but did not figure out how to solve it. Liam, my site:

2 years ago

Bengt Malmgren

Bengt Malmgrenasked the question: admin headmenu not visible and modules does not load after uppgrade 9.2

After Upgrade from dnn 8.04.226 to I have problems: head admin menu dos not accur at the top of the page, so I can not reach administrations pages. If I manually go to admin.aspx I only find file management icon, nothing else. Also problem ...

2 years ago

Paul Morris

Paul Morrisvoted on personaBar API 404 error

<p>What also worked for me was to compare my web.config of my DNN site with a working DNN 9 site and noticed this section seeded to replace the existing assemblyBinding section:
<p> <runtime><br> <a ...

2 years ago

Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patelasked the question: Looking for a Consultant, Trainer for DNN in Ahmedabad. Kindly help with reference, if any.

Looking for a Consultant / Trainer for DNN in Ahmedabad. Kindly help with reference, if any.

2 years ago

Michelle Jons

Michelle Jonsanswered the question Drop Down Menu are not working

A similar problem, we will wait for the support response. Michelle, my web:

2 years ago

Joubert Sarte

Joubert Sarteasked the question: Updating User Profile Phone error

Hi, when a admin update a user phone number, after update the profile image of the user display also an image generated from the phone number. Please see below image. I cannot replicate this issue. Does anyone encounter this case? Kind Regards, J

2 years ago

Jonathan Valle

Jonathan Valleasked the question: create skin

where can I read a step by step to create a skin in DNN 8

2 years ago

dinh huu tac qui

dinh huu tac quianswered the question Email Address as Username Error dnn9.1.1

DNN Version v. 09.03.02 (24) ERR: Use Email Address As Username setting (Not enble)
Will StrohlMike Richards also answered the question Will Strohland 1 other also answered the question

2 years ago

Denis Cook

Denis Cookanswered the question Invoicing Module

Hey - did you find a solution to the invoicing module question?

2 years ago

Will Strohl

Will Strohlvoted on signalr/hubs error in dnn 9.2 and 9.2.1


I am using the latest Evotiva Backup module (which is great module) and in two cases one in 9.2.1 on a new localhost site with no other modules installed, and also, on a full published site running 9.2

'ERRO ...

2 years ago

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