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Lori Carroll

Lori Carrollearned the privilege Up-vote Posts

Earned the Up-vote Posts privilege!
Tim DietsAdam RossBill Withamand 1033 others also earned the privilege Tim Dietsand 1035 others also earned the privilege

2 months ago

Jelte  Schuurbiers

Jelte Schuurbierscommented onDNN Connect Conference

Kevin  CamposMario  PattersonMartijn Goedings also commented onKevin  Camposand 2 others also commented on

3 months ago

Chris Onyak

Chris Onyakvoted on Fast way to remove all instances of a module (on pages) without removing the module from DNN

Here is a stored procedure I created to delete instances of a module from all pages in a portal with cleanup of all dependencies.  It will not delete the module definition or packaging.  Use at own risk.


11 months ago

Daniel Comp

Daniel Compvoted on redirect after login v9

Here ya go...

Clint PattersonWill StrohlDavid Poindexter also voted on itClint Pattersonand 2 others

also voted on it

11 months ago

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopezvoted on 9.1.1 SMTP Default Email Address?

<p>There used to be a setting for the host email, but that was probably not ported over when the persona bar was introduced. Is that in Dnn 9?
<p>I had report of similar issue but sending to [email protected] no matter w ...

1 year ago

Elize Silva

Elize Silvaanswered the question create skin

Hi, Jonathan! Have a look here: and here . Well, they are written for earlier versions, & ...

1 year ago

Chris Hammond

Chris Hammondvoted on How can I handle the profile updated event?

So, I want to handle the profile updated event, in order to synchronize the custom profile properties of each user to a different database. The problem is that I can't catch this event. I'm able to successfully catch the UserUpdated event (and syn ...

1 year ago

Carolina Li

Carolina Lianswered the question Switching databases

If you found information on how to solve this problem, please report it, I also have this transition. I want to avoid problems in the transition process, well I drew attention to your question. Regards, Carolina My site:
Anna Lindström also answered the question Anna Lindström also answered the question

1 year ago

Liam Black

Liam Blackanswered the question Updating User Profile Phone error

I had a similar, but did not figure out how to solve it. Liam, my site:

1 year ago

Bengt Malmgren

Bengt Malmgrenasked the question: admin headmenu not visible and modules does not load after uppgrade 9.2

After Upgrade from dnn 8.04.226 to I have problems: head admin menu dos not accur at the top of the page, so I can not reach administrations pages. If I manually go to admin.aspx I only find file management icon, nothing else. Also problem ...

1 year ago

Paul Morris

Paul Morrisvoted on personaBar API 404 error

<p>What also worked for me was to compare my web.config of my DNN site with a working DNN 9 site and noticed this section seeded to replace the existing assemblyBinding section:
<p> <runtime><br> <a ...

1 year ago

Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patelasked the question: Looking for a Consultant, Trainer for DNN in Ahmedabad. Kindly help with reference, if any.

Looking for a Consultant / Trainer for DNN in Ahmedabad. Kindly help with reference, if any.

1 year ago

Michelle Jons

Michelle Jonsanswered the question Drop Down Menu are not working

A similar problem, we will wait for the support response. Michelle, my web:

1 year ago

Joubert Sarte

Joubert Sarteasked the question: Updating User Profile Phone error

Hi, when a admin update a user phone number, after update the profile image of the user display also an image generated from the phone number. Please see below image. I cannot replicate this issue. Does anyone encounter this case? Kind Regards, J

1 year ago

Jonathan Valle

Jonathan Valleasked the question: create skin

where can I read a step by step to create a skin in DNN 8

1 year ago

dinh huu tac qui

dinh huu tac quianswered the question Email Address as Username Error dnn9.1.1

DNN Version v. 09.03.02 (24) ERR: Use Email Address As Username setting (Not enble)
Will StrohlMike Richards also answered the question Will Strohland 1 other also answered the question

1 year ago

Denis Cook

Denis Cookanswered the question Invoicing Module

Hey - did you find a solution to the invoicing module question?

1 year ago

Will Strohl

Will Strohlvoted on signalr/hubs error in dnn 9.2 and 9.2.1


I am using the latest Evotiva Backup module (which is great module) and in two cases one in 9.2.1 on a new localhost site with no other modules installed, and also, on a full published site running 9.2

'ERRO ...

1 year ago

Bill Witham

Bill Withamasked the question: Using RSVP Code in DNN Platform 9.3

Hello, I'm attempting to use an RSVP Code for a Role to allow users to use this code to auto assign the role to them. However, what I have found is that when the role is assigned using this approach the role expiry date is set to the date it was ...

1 year ago

Debbie Doane

Debbie Doaneasked the question: Drop Down Menu are not working

When I first login the drop down menu works however when I go to the user accounts page then none of the drop down menus work any longer. I have tried on all browsers. We are using an older version of DNN and are not willing to upgrade at this time. ...

1 year ago

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