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after installing 7.3 error on add page and edit page settings

After the update to 7.3 I get an error when i want to edit the page settings, adding an new page or I want to edit module setting.  Critical error: object reference not set to an instance of an object I don't get the error when I want to edit an …

Author: Frank
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DNN 9.1.1 Installation fails

I'm trying to install a fresh installation of DNN 9.1.1 but it fails on trying to load the PersonaBar on 30%. I have an external SQL database and all permissions on the folders have been setup for full access on the app pool identity. 2017-12-17 …

Author: Dave
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sitemap is empty

Hello boys, my sitemap.aspx page is empty i check the /Admin/Search-Engine-SiteMap page, the dnncoresitemap provider dont have any record and the /portals/PortalId/sitemap/ folder is empty and the sitemap.xml file doesn't …

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control problems after exporting data to excel

I am using a telerik radgrid to display data on my site and I have an export function so that the data can be exported to excel.  The export works fine but none of the grid bound controls work after I export the data.  I have looked around a lot and the …

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send reset link functionality

hello, i am using dnn 7.1.2 i want "send reset link" code in my custom module. how can i integrate the same functionality in my custom module , where user will enter his email address and get password reset link through mail. thnx in advance.

Author: tester two
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