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Dnn Angular SPA module - passing variables and RESX to Angular

I'm used Chris Hammond's VS 2017 templates to start me off with a SPA module and then changed it to handle an Angular app. It's easy enough to pass variables to View.html, Edit.html and Settings.html via tokens which is great, but with an Angular app the …

Author: Jacques
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Form and List, change all forms

We have the Form and List Module on our DNN site, is it possible to change a form once and this is replicated to all other forms. I've modified a form at the moment and this has only changed that form on that page, I've got at least 50 duplicate forms …

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Portuguese Language Pack Download

Unfortunately, the directory of community language pack has been abandoned from this site during upgrade last summer. We still hope, it will be back online some time in the future.

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Custom skin design

I Have a letter head design that I would like to have made in to a skin with what I think is a easy containers. any one that does skin designs cheap?

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Direct messaging with attachments

Does anyone know of a module that works like the DNN core messaging module, but allows attachments? It would function as an internal message system for the group, but allow attachments to the messages. Thanks.

Author: Thomas
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