Telerik Wrappers

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  • 4/7/2015



Telerik Wrappers

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DotNetNuke has partnered with Telerik to make many of Telerik's ASP.NET AJAX controls available for use in DotNetNuke. The Telerik DLL that contains all the controls is included in all the latest versions of DotNetNuke. The DotNetNuke Corporation has provided a large set of wrappers for many of Telerik's controls to make them easy to include in DotNetNuke modules and skins.

Everyone is free to use any of the wrappers for skin and module development. To use a Telerik control directly however, Module Developers will need to purchase a license from Telerik or purchase the DotNetNuke Professional Edition (or greater).

Most of the wrappers can be found in this namespace: DotNetNuke.Web.UI.WebControls

There are also a variety of SkinObjects available through CodePlex that provide extended capabilities:

For license Information and details about the partnership, please reference this link:
Telerik DNN Partnership Q&A

For additional information, please reference this forum thread:

Using the DotNetNuke wrappers for Telerik Controls

List of wrappers

All the Telerik RadControls are included with every DotNetNuke distribution and any developer working on core components may make use of any Telerik control.

The core also includes wrapper controls for several Telerik RadControls which third party developers can use to take advantage of those particular controls in their own modules. At present, the following wrapper controls exist:

Telerik wrappers
DNN Wrapper ControlWrapped Telerik RadControl
DnnGridCheckBoxColumn GridCheckBoxColumn
DnnGridCheckBoxColumn GridCheckBoxColumn
DnnGridClientSelectColumn GridClientSelectColumn
DnnGridEditColumn GridEditColumn
DnnGridHyperLinkColumn GridHyperLinkColumn
DnnGridImageColumn GridImageColumn
DnnGridTableView GridTableView
DnnGridTemplateColumn GridTemplateColumn
DnnListBox RadListBox
DnnMultiPage RadMultiPage
DnnProgressArea RadProgressArea
DnnProgressManager RadProgressManager
DnnTabStrip RadTabStrip
DnnTextBox RadTextBox
DnnToolTipManager RadToolTipManager
DnnTreeView RadTreeView
DnnWindowManager RadWindowManager
No sections defined
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