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DotNetNuke has support forUrl Rewriting alllowing pagenames to be rewritten to a different form. Typically these use a basic set of rules e.g. rewriting an tabid integer to it's page name. However it is possible to add additional rules.

To do so, either log in as host and go to host->host settings and click the advanced setitngs section and expand the friendly url settings section.

You can now add a rule for what to look for and what to rewrite to -both settings support asp.net regular expressions.

As an alternative you can edit the SiteUrls.config file in the config folder directly (though you will need to go to tools->recycle application pool for the changes to be picked up. An example is shown below.



Please note, the list of rules should be kept to a minumum as they are evaluated on each page read.

As an alternative solutions such as iFinity have richer support.
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