DNN Events Module

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The DNN Events module has evolved immensely over the last couple of years. Along with the other core modules the documentation and issue management has been moved to CodePlex, where an extensive set of documentation can now be found.

The module supports the following:

Various views»

The Events module support various way of displaying events, all handled by selectable CSS based themes that can be created and modified. Views include:
  • Month View
  • Week View
  • Day View
  • List View

Various types of Events»

Different types of events can be entered using event settings to specifiy details. The module can prevent time conflicts and/or location conficts of different events.
  • Single Events
  • Recurring Events with period until per day, week, day of week, month, day of month, every 1st etc of month, annual
  • Whole day events, events with or without end time, multi day spanning events
  • Edit series in once edit individual entries from a series, delete individual entries from a series
  • Copy existing event to new event
  • Copy recurring events to new series of Events
  • With and /or without image display

Security settings with workflow support »

Event edit and an approval rights, maintenance of standard tables like category and location can be assigned to different roles and/or users
  • Edit Locations
  • Edit Categories
  • Add & Approve Events
  • Edit & Approve enrollment

Optional enrollments for Events »

If specified, visitors can enroll for events with various validations and settings
  • Enrollment for registered users
  • Enrollment approval cycle or automatic enrollment
  • Enrollment with limited number of possible attendees
  • Free Enrollment of payed (PayPal) enrollment
  • Enrollment of a specified number of people

Notifications »

Users can be notified by e-mail on events related to events:
  • New Event created
  • A reminder in a selected time before the Event
  • New users enrolled
  • Users approved and/or denied for enrollment

Events Themes »

The Events module supports themes (skins): standard themes are installed automatically, custom themes can be created and uploaded by the user.

Related Content»

Project Home on Codeplex »

Additional information can be found on the project's home on Codeplex.

  • A full description of the module settings
  • A list of faqs - like how to change your date format, and how to open a location url in a new page
  • Some video tutorials kindly created by Aderson Oliveira
  • A list of requests for new features and issues on the Issue Tracker. There are many requests on there, so please vote for those items you want to see in upcoming releases to enable us to understand what the community wants included
  • Source code which is made available whenever an update is made
  • Formal releases when they are approved through the DNN release process.


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