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Knockout Last updated: 4 days ago

Background Knockout (AKA KnockoutJS) is a javascript library which implements the Model View ViewMode View Full Page

DNN 8.0 Developer Quick Start Last updated: 5 days ago

This is a work-in-progress as 8.0.0 is not expected until August 2015 Planned Scope Major Release. Enhancements - MVC Modules, HTML Single Page Application (SPA) modules, Dynamic Content Creator, .NET 4.5 requirement, Platform/UI Separation Issue … View Full Page

Suggested Upgrade Path Last updated: 1 week ago

Traditionally, the DNN Core has only suggested upgrading from version to version, without skipping any versions. This is because, in the past, this was the only use case that was effectively tested prior to subsequent releases was upgrades from the vers View Full Page

Upgrading DotNetNuke Last updated: 2 weeks ago

Wiki Guide to Upgrading DNN Installations View Full Page

Defence in depth Last updated: 3 weeks ago

Ref: Wikipedia - Defence in depth Likewise, in information security or Informatio View Full Page

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