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DNN 8.0 Developer Quick Start Last updated: 2 weeks ago

This is a work-in-progress as 8.0.0 is not expected until August 2015 Planned Scope Major Release. Enhancements - MVC Modules, HTML Single Page Application (SPA) modules, Dynamic Content Creator, .NET 4.5 requirement, Platform/UI Separation Issue … View Full Page

Active Directory User Guide Last updated: 2 weeks ago

User guide for the Active Directory Provider IIS7 doesn't support mixed form based authentication and windows based authentication in integrated mode. This blog by Mike Volodarsky offers an excellent workaraound: View Full Page

DNN 8 breaking changes Last updated: 3 weeks ago

Extracted and removed modules As part of DNN 8 we are working hard to improve performance and reduce the size of the initial install package. As part of this task a number of functions (primarily admin modules) have been removed from the DNN platform … View Full Page

DNN Search Last updated: 1 month ago

DotNetNuke provides Search Skin object to provide search input for portal and Google search, there are no other search engines supported. Besides there is a SearchInput module, which can be used instead of the skin object and placed in any pa View Full Page

Create a New User and Add to Specific Role Programatically Last updated: 1 month ago

Background A common requirement for custom modules is to dynamically create new users and assign them with their relevant roles. This is achieved via the usage of the View Full Page

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