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Language Editor Last updated: 1 week ago

Background DNN has a long history of International Support , for both View Full Page

Staging content Last updated: 2 weeks ago

Background Often sites want to create content on a test/staging server and then move it to production. Whilst users of the Enterprise version of DotNetNuke can use the built in View Full Page

OAuth Authorization server Last updated: 2 weeks ago

DNN added support for an OAuth in DNN8. By default this only works in HTTPS scenarios, and does not support "localhost" -to enable support for either or both of these, please add the following in the configuration node of web.config <dotNetOpenAuth> … View Full Page

DNN 8 breaking changes Last updated: 2 weeks ago

Extracted and removed modules As part of DNN 8 we are working hard to improve performance and reduce the size of the initial install package. As part of this task a number of functions (primarily admin modules) have been removed from the DNN platform … View Full Page

DNN 8.0 Developer Quick Start Last updated: 1 month ago

This is a work-in-progress as 8.0.0 is not expected until August 2015 Planned Scope Major Release. Enhancements - MVC Modules, HTML Single Page Application (SPA) modules, Dynamic Content Creator, .NET 4.5 requirement, Platform/UI Separation Issue … View Full Page

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