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Hackathons are developer events with a goal of increasing developer knowledge on a specific technology aspect in a casual, collaborative environment. They are also designed to encourage participation by people who are not necessarily familiar with the technology, basically providing them with an immersive quick start.


  • built around a single programming concept (for example: DotNetNuke MVP Pattern)
  • encourage participation locally (at event site) and remotely
  • broadcast online
  • provide materials and dev environment setup guidelines ahead of time
  • allow anybody to participate
  • are peer-judged by the Hackathon participants
  • have one or more winners who earn the title "Hackmaster"
  • have great prizes for winners and runners up
  • require all submissions to be Open Source with MIT license
  • require all submissions to be hosted in the DotNetNuke Forge (Create a Forge Project)

Past Events

Events occur every few months in conjunction with a locally sponsored User Group meeting.

Razor for DotNetNuke (December 2010)

This event was held in Seattle, WA hosted by the Seattle DotNetNuke Users Group (SEADUG).

Entrants were encouraged to submit entries which leveraged a beta release of the Razor host module which was later officially released with DotNetNuke 5.6.1 (when Microsoft formally released WebMatrix and Razor).

Mobile DotNetNuke (August 2010)

  • St. Louis, MO

Visual DotNetNuke (June 2010)

  • Washington, DC

DotNetNuke Development with the MVP Pattern (May 2010)

  • Orlando, FL
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