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The DNN Most Valuable Person (MVP) Award is our way of saying thank you to exceptional community leaders. These are people who share their passion, expertise, open source contributions and real-world experience with others. Nominated by our users, we recognize the vital role these people play in helping our community do great things with DNN. The current MVP's are listed here

Selection process

The DNN MVP award is performance-based and recognizes exceptional contribution during the previous 12 months; primarily focussing on activities performed in the various community channels represented on dnnsoftware.com, but also including valued community activities occurring elsewhere. As part of the process for choosing award finalists, a committee of current DNN MVP's and active DNN Corp employees consider the various types of contribution for each individual, especially their level of support in the Forums, Exchange and Wiki, as well as their contributions of valuable open source extensions through the Forge.

DNN MVP's enjoy a number of benefits including promotion & recognition; monthly insider meetings & and access to privileged resources.

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