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Thousands of organizations use the Evoq CMS

to manage websites, intranets and portals. Why Evoq? Becuase it’s future-proof, easy to use and scalable. It’s also the only CMS with engagment at its core.

A future-proof CMS that adapts to change.

Rapid change is the only constant. Ten years ago, Facebook was available only in certain universities. Today, its 1+ billion active users are an essential channel for B2C and B2B marketing. We don’t know what’s coming next, so your CMS needs to adapt. Evoq helps you adapt, with a DNN Store of commercial modules and an extensibility model that developers love.

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“We needed a new CMS that we’ll still be using in 2025.”

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Lane Boyd

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Unrivaled ease of use.

While most modern software is easy to use, Evoq is easier then them all. Your users won’t need a user manual, they’ll simply intuit common tasks. Don’t just take our word for it. Go for a test drive and see for yourself.

Test Drive
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“When I looked at how to make a page on DNN’s platform, I thought, it’s even easier than WordPress!”

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Chris Brogan

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Multi-site management that actually scales

Our multi-site management is architected directly in the core platform. It’s not a bolt-on, like you find in other CMS systems. This means you can manage hundreds or thousands of sites from a single instance of Evoq, and have performance scale as you grow.

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“With more than 200 websites, we needed a lot of flexibility, and Evoq delivered. It has the ability to create sites and site domains, quickly and easily. From a systems point of view, this makes it a clear winner over other CMS platforms.”

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Walt Brannon

The only CMS with engagment at its core

Evoq is the only CMS that helps you build a thriving community right on your website. It provides native user engagement features, along with a gamification engine that tracks 400+ scoring actions. The result? User-generated content that improves SEO rankings and user engagement that keeps visitors coming back for more.

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“Evoq’s engagement features give us a rich community platform for our members to engage with one another. This engagement doesn’t happen on a separate community site, it occurs directly on our website, where members have easy access to our core content.”

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Vincent Malanga

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DNN Launch Webinar
DNN Launch Webinar