Our Goal is to Help You Succeed.

The success of our customers is our highest priority. We’ve designed our solutions to ensure that you’re able to provide your online audience with engaging, immersive experiences. Evoq has all the functionality you’ll need to create, deploy, manage and optimize your sites, services and communities. For those customers looking for additional help in building, migrating and upgrading their deployments, we’ve got you covered as well.

Our DNN Services team is ready to leverage their years of hands-on DNN experience and expertise to assist you and ensure your deployments are everything you want them to be.

DNN Professional Services
migration services


Are you ready to take it to the Cloud? We can help. We’ll help you migrate on-premise installations of Evoq to our Cloud service to ensure a smooth efficient transition. We’ll help determine the scope of your migration through:

  • Your installed version of Evoq
  • Your database size
  • The set of custom and third party modules installed

An upgrade is needed to the latest version of Evoq running in the Cloud (e.g. version 7.x). We’ll also look at tuning your database to ensure that we get an accurate understanding of your database size and associated Cloud tier. Our migration services also include the verification of module compatibility with Evoq Cloud.


Every new release from DNN is bigger and better than its predecessor. We want you to be able to take advantage of our new features and functionality, and our Upgrade services can help make that happen. Let us help take the worry out of upgrading. Our team will work with you, first performing a test upgrade outside of production providing assurance your site will function as expected when upgrading your live site. And we’ll work with you to schedule the upgrade in production that best meets your scheduling needs.

upgrade services

implementation services


Do you need some help getting a community developed and deployed? We can help here too. Our Implementation service ensures that you are wildly successful in the implementation of all of our solutions, such as Evoq Social. We provide the following Implementation packages for Evoq Social:

Install & Configuration

We install and configure your Evoq Social community, including the creation of account-based roles (e.g. host, community manager, etc.), activation of particular community features and configuration of your community’s data analytics.

Community Set-Up

After understanding your business objectives, we apply community best practices to your environment, including the configuration of badges, the point system and rewards. We also help seed your content areas and provide role-based accounts to your staff (e.g. host, community manager, etc.).

Community Success

Invoked after your community has launched, the Community Success package provides a post-launch analysis of usage and engagement-based analytics to date. We review your Analytics dashboard and provide a set of action plans to help you achieve the business objectives you’ve outlined for your community.

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