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Expert Panel: DNN Administration Tools that Make Your Job Easier

Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST (GMT +00:00)

Presenter(s): Clint Patterson, Kelly Ford, Ryan Moore, David Poindexter
Skill Level: Admin
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Presenter(s): Dennis Shiao, Director Content Marketing, DNN Software
Skill Level: All
Target Audience: All
Go behind the scenes to see how our new "Solutions" pages were published, from content modeling and design to content entry and publishing using Liquid Content.
Presenter(s): Vincent Malanga, CIO and Sara Latham, Communications Director, COPD Foundation
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Join this webinar for actionable ideas to increase user engagement on your own website.
Presenter(s): Navin Nagiah, CEO and President, DNN Corp. and Will Morgenweck, VP Product Management, DNN Corp.
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Target Audience: all
The latest release from DNN: - Web content personalization for better targeting - Integration with Box, Dropbox, Marketo, social media - Advocacy marketing toolkit - Streamlined user interface
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    What is Liquid Content?
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    What is Liquid Content?
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    What is Liquid Content?
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