How We’re Migrating the DNN Software Website to Liquid Content

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Presenter(s): Dennis Shiao, Director of Content Marketing and James Hellesen, Product Engineer
Skill Level: All
Target Audience: All

In late 2016, we launched Liquid Content™, a new way of managing content in Evoq. Liquid Content is provided as a microservice: content is managed and stored in the cloud, independent of layout.

In early 2017, the Marketing and Product teams at DNN Software began to deploy Liquid Content on dnnsoftware.com. In this webinar, Dennis Shiao (Marketing) and James Hellesen (Product) take you behind the scenes on the project. They’ll cover:

- The approach they took
- How they created content types and content items
- How they are rendering content on a page using Visualizers
- How the DNN Software homepage was re-done using Liquid Content™
- How new opportunities arise for content re-use across the site
- How the Marketing team uses Evoq Analytics

Attend this webinar to see how we drink our own champagne at DNN Software. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how you can deploy Liquid Content on your own site.

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What is Liquid Content?
Find Out
What is Liquid Content?
Find Out
What is Liquid Content?
Find Out