Facilitate Meaningful Community Dialogue via Discussions.

Every online community comes together because of shared interests and passions. Discussions can be active for days, weeks, months – even years – and are often the most popular part of any online community.

Whether the topic is a current event or industry issue, Discussions in Evoq Engage let members express themselves and engage in ongoing conversations.

Evoq Discussions

Evoq Engage ignites and sustains productive customer dialogue.

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Ensure active, high-quality discussion with moderation controls. Approve, edit or remove topics and discreetly handle inappropriate content. Lock topics to prevent further comment or pin a discussion to promote it to the top for more visibility.



Define badges, points, and privileges to drive the behavior you desire. Reward members for starting or engaging in discussions, and increase their influence within the community.

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Instantly visualize discussions activity, in order to understand what discussions are most popular and which ones are less active. Identify potential problems before they start.

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Discussions are blended into the live community Activity Stream to provide more exposure and transparency to all community members.

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Evoq Engage provides several ways for community members to engage in discussions, from a simple like to reply or comment, bookmark or even subscribe.



Evoq Engage makes Discussion content easy to find by allowing members to tag, search, and filter discussion content across a number of dimensions.

See Evoq in Action.


Discussions increase repeat visits and give your site an SEO boost.

discussions for community engagement
Make your community and your website a sticky traffic magnet.

Deep and engaging discussions with like-minded people draw members back again and again to read the latest replies and continue the conversation.

Get an SEO boost from user-generated content.

Discussions content is full of keywords used in natural dialogue. Members talk about your company and its products, or the causes of your association. They create content around long tail keywords, which means your site will rank higher in organic search engine results.

Enhance and extend the value of other community interactions.

Encourage more extensive and free form community interaction to complement the activity in Ideas and Answers. Discussion content provides additional context and insight on knowledge sharing, brainstorming, and formal ideation.

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