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9/23/2016 5:37 PM

I've gone through just about all posts here in regards to SMTP configuration. I've found the following problem:

My email provider's authentication is different than most providers. The SMTP username is NOT the same as the email address. I found that the site level email will use the site admin's email as the FROM address. But for the host level email will NOT use the host email address as the FROM address. Instead, it uses the SMTP username, which the email server will reject as a valid FROM email address. So far, it's no biggie as I have configured each site to use site level SMTP configurations instead of the host SMTP configuration. And the only emails that supposed to be sent via the host configuration is when I create a new site, it complains that it can't send site created confirmation email. Is this a bug or is intended this way?

 I'm using the latest DNN platform. No where does it say which version it is, which is very unhelpful.

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9/26/2016 3:29 PM

Hi George,

I believe this is may be a bug in DNN, documented here:

I tested on a default install of DNN 8.0.4, and I see similar behavior. The key piece of this being the discrepancy in the number of characters for the SMTP password. I believe DNN is using the encrypted password rather than the entered/saved password, and t is trying to pass the encrypted password when connecting to the server. This results in an authentication failure as the password isn't correct.

In regard to finding your DNN version number, you can go to Host->Host Settings under the Basic Settings tab. Under the Configuration section, version is the second item listed.

Nick Bradley
Support Technician
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9/26/2016 9:00 PM
Unless something has changed and I just haven't noticed myself, the e-mails being sent from any portal/site on an installation always come from the e-mail address of the user account marked at the *THE* administrator for the portal/site in Admin > Site Settings. This is regardless of the SMTP settings level you use.

Will Strohl, former DNN Corp employee

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Twitter: @WillStrohl LinkedIn: Will Strohl on LinkedIn

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9/27/2016 3:05 AM
Thanks for the replies. The authentication works just fine. I can see my email provider's log file. The problem is that it uses the Host SMPT username as the FROM email address when sending email and the email log file shows that it's an invalid email address for the FROM field. It should be using the Host email address on the same configuration page as the DNN version (thanks for that tip) instead of the Host SMTP username when composing an email. Using the Host SMTP username and password to log into the SMTP server was just fine. It is when it sends the composed email to the SMTP that errors out with the bad FROM email address.
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9/28/2016 4:43 AM
I am puzzled as well from the latest dnn8 smtp implementation. I made my regular setup with basic auth as with v7 but I invariably got "DNN Corp on behalf of..' on my received messages, which I wasn't getting before and that is quite disturbing.

After much of try and error with several different settings I found out that if you delete the smtp username and password DNN magicalyy replaces that with the host username and password (well, stars). And it works! At least so far.

The question is: is that 'by design' and what are the official detailed guidelines for a reliable and appropriate setup?
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...SMTP configurationsSMTP configurations

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