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3/30/2015 10:23 AM

I have a question, related to DotNetNuke Messaging. I'm developing a module which sends a message to others user, but there are some way to send a link inside the body message?

The problem is that the link is encoded as string and not as html tag.

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4/4/2015 9:24 AM
no, there isn't a way via the API - this is intentional as we only wanted to support plain text and not html (due to historical issues with cross-site scripting/html injection)

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4/5/2015 3:58 AM

I have a mobile app that uses DNN which sends messages/journal posts on certain actions. Here is the code I use - 

When I add a new game on the mobile app it posts the link to the Journal and sends a Notification to the game creator. This will have a link in it. It will also send an email to the user containing a link (using the PM Template)


 private void ProcessNewGame(bool isEditGame, Game game)


            string gameUrl = String.Format("{0}.aspx", game.GameId);

            //From game Author

            UserInfo gameHostUserInfo = UserController.GetUserById(PortalSettings.Current.PortalId, game.HostUserId);

            //notifiy game host

            string notificationGameSubject = String.Format(Localization.GetString("NewGameHostNotificationSubject", localResourceFile), game.Title);

            StringBuilder notificationGameBody = new StringBuilder(String.Format(Localization.GetString("NewGameHostNotificationBody", localResourceFile), game.Summary, gameUrl));

            Notifications.CreateJournalMentionNotification(notificationGameSubject, notificationGameBody.ToString(), gameHostUserInfo, new List { gameHostUserInfo });

            if (!isEditGame)


                //only do this for new games

                Journal.CreateGameJournalPost(game, gameHostUserInfo, null, String.Format(Localization.GetString("NewGameJournalBody.Text", localResourceFile), gameUrl, game.City, game.Title, game.Summary), gameUrl);




    public class Notifications


        internal static void CreateJournalMentionNotification(string notificationSubject, string body, UserInfo fromUser, List<UserInfo> toUserList)


            var notification = new Notification();

            notification.NotificationTypeID = 15; //JournalMention

            notification.Subject = notificationSubject;

            notification.Body = body;

            notification.IncludeDismissAction = true;

            notification.SenderUserID = fromUser.UserID;  //this is the person who it is listed as from

            notification.Context = "";

            NotificationsController.Instance.SendNotification(notification, Constants.PortalId, null, toUserList);






   internal static void CreateGameJournalPost(Game game, UserInfo hostUser, string subject, string body, string gameUrl)





            //SELECT TOP 50 * FROM Journal ORDER BY JournalId Desc

            var journalItem = new JournalItem();

            journalItem.PortalId = Constants.PortalId;

            journalItem.UserId = hostUser.UserID;

            journalItem.ProfileId = hostUser.UserID;


            journalItem.Title = subject;

            journalItem.Summary = body;

            journalItem.Body = null;


            journalItem.ContentItemId = game.GameId;

            journalItem.ItemData = new ItemData { Url = gameUrl };

            journalItem.JournalTypeId = 1; //Status Update = 1 and new game ad, 18 is game comment

            journalItem.ObjectKey = String.Format("Ventrian_Article_{0}:{1}", game.GameId, "-1");

            journalItem.SecuritySet = "E";

            JournalController.Instance.SaveJournalItem(journalItem, 1);



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4/5/2015 5:45 PM
thanks for the post Rodney - just to clarify, that's notifications (which support html as they have links), and not messages as the user asked (messages are encoded on display)

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New Post
5/8/2015 2:55 AM
A way I found is on the CoreMessaging/View.ascx template is use data-bind="html: Body" instead of data-bind="text: Body"
HomeHomeDevelopment and...Development and...Building ExtensionsBuilding ExtensionsModulesModulesUsing DotNetNuke.Services.MessagingUsing DotNetNuke.Services.Messaging

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