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11/26/2014 11:40 AM

Hi I am on  07.03.04 (45) and I have an issue where by in admin > site settings when ever I update anything it adds my current smtp password on to itself so then authentication fails.

To explain a bit more say my password is 12345 I set my smtp server up and do not test smtp as this is known to cause an issue and just click update. Everything works fine, but if I go back at any point into admin > site settings and change anything as soon as I click update the password for my smtp server changes and doubles up so now instead of 12345 it becomes 1234512345 and obviously causes the authentication to fail, the only work around is to delete the password and then re enter and update once again.

This is not a skin issue as I thought it was as have defaulted back this page to the default skin and container.

Right pain in the bum as I have missed several contact form inquiries due to smtp loosing the password as I dared to go anywhere near admin site settings.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or more importantly a work around please.

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12/4/2014 2:28 PM
can you provide more detail? Was this a plain 7.3.4 install?I installed a 7.3.4 copy, logged in as host and went to admin->site settings->advanced settings->smtp server settings, clicked "portal" and then "basic" and provided server details. Despite numerous updates I cannot recreate the issue.

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12/4/2014 3:07 PM

Hi thanks for the reply.

The version I am using is an upgrade from a clean install.

I used the Skin that comes with DNN and set up the site using the default skin.

I had issues then but put it down to DNS propagation taking time. I then added the metro 7 skin and realised I had the problem. I then set the admin page appearance to the default skin again to see if it was a skin issue but it still does the same. As mentioned I don't even have to go near the smtp section but any update in admin site management ends up adding my password onto itself.

one thought I had was, does the password field add extra dots (astrix) to conceal the length of the password at all as this may be an issue causing the problem on my site and if so where would I look for it as in page.

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1/6/2015 9:41 PM
I also have almost the same issue with both of my DNN 7.3.4 instances (both upgraded from 6.1.4). I am using the old Nukeville Morpheus Skin (from the old DNN days), but have tested thoroughly with the particular site settings page skin set back to the baseline DarkKnight skin. Each time update is clicked, the password displays its encrypted value. Any follow up click of the "update' button causes the then current value in the text box to encrypt again.... etc.

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1/13/2015 1:06 AM

It is a strange one, I set up an new hosting account for a new site a few days ago and did a new fresh clean install of the latest dnn platform, same settings and skin yet now there is no problem with the smtp server password replicating on its encryption. It looks to me as if you upgrade you get the problem (or some of us do) but a fresh install it works fine.

The only other thing which is different is that on my first site I have turbo scripts installed but not on my new second site, it's a stab in the dark but I wonder if that has anything to do with it but thinking back I think I had the issue before installing them, or is it something effected by an upgrade.

Just a quick question do you redirect users after logging in at all on your site as my original site simply wont do this yet my new site does, I was just wondering as if you have the same issue then it looks like their may be a little issue on the upgrade. like I say it's a bit of a stab in the dark and not related to the smtp password problem but just a general observation of which no one seems to be able to replicate. So it would be interesting to see if your redirect works at all to see if this can provide a bit of a path to the problem.


HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...SMTP password keeps replicating itselfSMTP password keeps replicating itself

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