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5/18/2014 9:32 AM

I hope I'm explaining this clearly enough.

I've upgraded a 4.9.x site to 6.2 in 2012 and I've just upgraded again to 7.2, the site runs fine.

But I need to troubleshoot an issue in our implementation of the DNN Users module and since it doesn't compile to a separate DLL, I need to boot the website up to test it.

Converting the old 2008 solution to 2013 doesn't load everything. This should be resolvable by editing the .sln file but I confess have a gap there. :)

The problem is just setting the site up on Local Host where I can bring it up in Visual Studio, debug, make code edits, etc.

Somehow during the conversion something didn't fly right.  Where is there a KB article that covers how to do this successfully?


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5/19/2014 7:50 AM
im afraid there isn't any KB article for this as once you start making your own edits to the core files you've effectively made your own fork of the code and are thus responsible for it -of course you can open the project in the newer version and let it's migration wizard try and migrate the code for you, but you'll then have to fix up any issues it cant resolve - I've never done a 2008->2013 migration so cant offer any advice I'm afraid. It might be worth extracting your users online code to a separate WAP project so you can debug it independently of the platform.

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5/19/2014 7:57 PM

Let me clarify our Users module is a COPY of the existing (and in play) DNN Users Module.  Some end-users of the site needed some control of user accounts, so a role was established for them to add, delete users, reset passwords, etc.

What has happened, obviously, since it was written in VB / DNN 4.9.x is that being forked off (there's a phrase that needs to be pronounced carefully) it is now out of sync with the current 7.2.x code, now in C#.

The fix was easy even without ASP.Net debugging -- old fashioned debugging worked.  I used the lblChanged.Text property and ferreted my way through the issues.

I should be able to set up a vanilla DNN 7.x site and install the modules in it, for the purposes of having a site where debugging will work.  FYI, the site was handed over to me with 2 ORM tools in it, DNN 4.9.x in May of 2009.  Also ... precompiled code.  Modules had to be made using the traditional 3-tier approach, etc. and the ORM tools were removed when the hop to 6.2 was done 2 years ago.

I know you have no advice for making a hop from VS 2008 to VS 2013 but wouldn't editing the .sln and .proj files be an alternative?  Any KBs on those?


HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Converting DNN VS 2008 Solution to VS 2013Converting DNN VS 2008 Solution to VS 2013

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