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10/30/2013 8:47 AM

In 7.1.2 when I copy a page, there is an odd looking "Page URL" property. (it's the third property on the first tab, you can't miss it). Which seems to allow me to specify an absolute url for the page. I'm not what I can/should enter, probably "/Howdy" or "Howdy", maybe even "/Sub/Howdy" is allowed?

The weirdest thing is that the setting only seems to be available when copying a page, not when editing an existing, or creating a new page (not even wen creating a new page and then selecting that it should be a copy of a certain page). It feels as if the feature was removed and I stumbled upon a page where they forgot to remove it.


Am I overlooking something? is there a reasong why the Page URL option is only on the copy page page?
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10/30/2013 8:24 PM

There is a feature when you are using the Advance URL provider that lets you tell DNN exactly what the url for your page should look like - if you look at a clean install of dnn712 that field will be visible on Add New Page and Edit Page

It looks like the copy page UI code is not doing a test to see if it should or should not show this option.  

If you WANT this feature on an existing site - have a look at

BUT - be careful - it may not work correctly on all old sites - depending on existing modules and any number of other complications.



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10/31/2013 11:41 AM
I'm interested wether this feature will become available to existing sites in the near future. It seems to be a host-level setting, and given the "any number of complications" warning you gave, I won't be able to use it any time soon. Worst case would be that I'd have to rebuild 20+ sites from scartch and deploy them in one big bang.

What does this mean for site templates? Are the issues avoided when importing an older template (which in my case would be DNN 7.0.5) or do the same issues apply to the templates as well? I have no idea whether creating a site based on a template is a proper import or more or less restoring a database/filesystem dump with some minor tweaks.

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11/1/2013 2:02 PM
The feature IS available for existing sites - IF - you change the URL provider to use the new Advanced URL provider - the wiki link in my previous post explains how you do that.
My only comment would be - TEST - on a offline backup site before trying it on a live server.
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11/4/2013 3:46 AM
From your first reply I got the impression that there was only a slim chance it would be working. But I guess it's not as bad as it seemed. Are there any known issues with the standard DNN?

Is there any documentation on what the feature is/isn't? It means switching from user friendly urls to 'advanced' urls, whatever that might mean. 'advanced' sounds like more than just beind able to choose the url yourself. And what does the switch mean for the existing friendy urls?
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Copy page, page urlCopy page, page url

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