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10/15/2013 12:55 AM

Since upgrading DNN to v7 the ViewProfile module has not been showing any profile information - its blank, except for the edit profile button (for registered and admin users, but hosts user can view their own profiles OK). I've now upgraded to DNN 7.1.2.

However when I view the source code, the profile information is there, but hidden inside a div with display=none as shown below:

<div id="dnn_ctr1627_ViewProfile_profileOutput" style="display:none" data-bind="visible: Visible"><div id="UserProfile">  ....profile info .....</div> </div>

I then located the DesktopModules\Admin\ViewProfile\ViewProfile.ascx control and found it had this code that seemed to correspond to the above:

<div id="profileOutput" runat="server" style="display:none" data-bind="visible: Visible"></div>

I could not follow the code well enough to determine how it was supposed to work, but changed  display:none to  display:block and the profile now displays correctly as expected.

I suspect that rather than fixing a bug it is likely that I may have have circumvented the profile settings. Any idea what the correct way to fix this issue would be? Any configuration setting that would help? I've tried changed all the user profile settings to all users, but that does not work without the code change above. Any other ideas?



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10/15/2013 4:15 AM

If you use Developer Tools of your browser you can find out the css class that happens here.  Hardcoded styles can be overridden if you add !important Statement to the Setting.


.Exsambleclass {

style= "display: block !important;"


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5/11/2014 2:15 PM

Funny,  I have the same symptoms as Darrel and it's been a year since his posted this. And I don't think the hack Matthias suggested should be the way it should be handled.
I have setup my user profile settings the way Bruce Chapman suggested in his post here so there should be no errors in it.

My DNN is 7.2.2 but the ViewProfile module is 7.1.2.
Hasn't there been any update to the module in the meantime? Hope the next update will handle that bug.

For the time being I'm taking the path Darryl and Matthias suggested and waiting for the update.

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5/11/2014 6:21 PM
the data-bind portion of the html above is a piece of knockoutjs - in this case it evaluates an expression (Visible) and set's its value to the visibility of the field -if you have a field that is not showing it could be for a few reasons .1. the knockout is failing due to a javascript error (likely caused by a skin), open the developer tools (F12) to see if a script error occurs, or 2. the user viewing the profile does not have valid permissions e.g. perhaps a field is set to "AdminOnly" but the user is a "normal" user.

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New Post
5/11/2014 7:22 PM

OK, thanks for this insight of yours, Cathal.

Yet I cannot confirm your suspicions in my case. Here's my methodology:

  1. The Firebug Console in Firefox shows no errors when <div id="profileOutput" runat="server" style="display:none" data-bind="visible: Visible"></div>
  2. This was tested in different skins and containers.
  3. The default visibility for User Profile fields examined in Admin->Site Settings->User Account Settings is set to "All Users".
  4. The visibility of the fields examined set by the regular test user in his User profile settings is also set to "All Users".
  5. The outcome is that the regular test user cannot see his own User profile fields when logged in while only the Host and SuperUser can see their own (when logged in too, of course).

Interestingly it happens only in my production site which was updated over time from version 5.4 (as far I can remember) to current 7.2.2. On the other hand, the development version of DNN I have on my machine was updated from 7.0.0 to 7.2.2 now and the User Profile features work OK even if <div id="profileOutput" runat="server" style="display:none" data-bind="visible: Visible"></div>

The conclusion for me is clear: this bug happens only for DNN installs which were subject to a few major updates. Bruce Chapman points to this in his blog post I mentioned before.

If the social features of DNN are to be used in old installs then the updates IMHO should also be tested against (pre)historical but updated versions of DNN too.

As I told in my previous post the interim resort for me is to set the style to "display:block" for the User Profile features to work.

And a small edit to my previous post: the ViewProfile module version I have is 7.1.0 not 7.1.2.

HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...ViewProfile Module shows no information, but it is hidden in the source codeViewProfile Module shows no information, but it is hidden in the source code

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