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9/26/2013 6:45 AM


   I moved my DDN project from old domain to new domain. I just took backup of both database and code and created project on new server. But now unable to log in , I can create new user that I see in DB but still not able to log in with either of the user details. 

   Reason for migration is I have to upgrade from DNN6 to DNN7 and also need to add some functionality. Thats why have to move it on dev.

              Please help me to resolve this issue.






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10/1/2013 11:43 AM
What happens when you try to login, do you get any errors?

Check to make sure the web.config hasn't been modified other than the SQL connection strings, for the new server.

Chris Hammond
Former DNN Corp Employee, MVP, Core Team Member, Trustee Software Solutions DotNetNuke Module Development, Upgrades and consulting. a chat room for DotNetNuke discussions
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10/1/2013 5:10 PM

Be sure the 'Maschine Key' on your web.config file would NOT be changed and is still the same as on your old instance.  Be sure the Login Name on the new SQL Servers Database User is added.  Check it using the SQL Management Studio, go to Database/Security/Users/ and check the Settings of the DatabaseUser you are using.  The Login Name should not be empty!  The Login Name could be found on the SQL Servers Security tab.

To Change the user Login you can use this on SQL Management Studio with a  new Query:

/***Start Script***/

use <your databaseName>

EXEC sp_change_users_login  'Update_One', '<your db UserName>', '<your SQL Server LoginName>';

/***End Script***/


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10/3/2013 12:23 AM
I did not make any changes in web config other than connection string for new DB. Machine Key is same as in old server. One more thing when I move it on my development environment on my local PC it works fine.

But when move to actual environment where I have to actually move getting error "Login Failed. Please remember that passwords are case sensitive". I do similar change as I do for my local PC setting.

Please give me a solution as its urgent to move :)

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10/3/2013 6:05 AM
Have you completly read my post?  I think not.  If you moved the database to an other Server the database user name on the SQL Database is not mapped with the System Login Name.  Check this on your database using the MS SQL Managemnt Studio. If I am right run my script on a new query to add the Login Name to the database username!
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Move DNN project old domain to new domainMove DNN project old domain to new domain

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