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8/23/2013 3:08 AM

Hi all,

I am using Standard menu with token template, I want to add the page icon with the menu links, please guide me how can I do that. I try to use this [?ICON]<img src="[=ICON]" />[/?] , but nothing happen, please guide me




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8/27/2013 2:35 AM
Open your page settings.
Go to advance settings.
On the icon section select a file from File Name drop down and update.
This image will appear on the menu link

Sunil Kumar [ DNN Developer, Mindfire Solutions,India ]
New Post
9/2/2013 5:23 AM

I don't know if Sunil Kumars answer answered the problem for the topic starter? I have the same issue, and I know how to add the image to the page, but it is the test whether there is an image which does not work.

I've changed the template to

        <a href="[=URL]" target="[=TARGET]"><img src="[=ICON]" height="20"> [=TEXT]</a>

Which works, except that it always includes an image tag, even if there is no icon. That might be visually correct, until you apply styling to the image (like the margin you likely want between the image and the text)

So, just like the topic starter, I added the test [?ICON], but this seems to always evaluate to 'false'. (and [?!ICON] always evalueates to 'true')

Even weirder: I had a space after the (end of the) if statement, but then there is no space in the output. I guess somebody decided to trim whitespace after the tokens to allow for nicer markup, even though whitespace does have some significance. moving the space inside the if and else blocks fixed this.

        <a href="[=URL]" target="[=TARGET]">[?ICON]<img src="[=ICON]" height="20"> [?ELSE]- [/?][=TEXT]</a>
is not equal to
       <a href="[=URL]" target="[=TARGET]">[?ICON]<img src="[=ICON]" height="20">[?ELSE]-[/?] [=TEXT]</a>
and neither of them work :'(

New Post
9/2/2013 8:43 AM
I've found a fix for now:

img src="[=ICON]" o n e r r o r ="'none';"

(hope you see the errors in statement, they really should fix it that you can post code on this forum. Apearantly your not allowed to say o n e r r o r, without the spaces.)
This will hide the image (and it's margin) when it fails to load because src="".
If you want to include anything more than the image itself, this solution won't work.
New Post
9/2/2013 8:56 AM
I never used Tokens with DDR menu, only XSLT.
AFAIK the tokens get transfomed to XSLT internally to process them, which could be the reason for some space characters to disappear.
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Skins, Themes, ...Skins, Themes, ...How to display page icon in dnn standard menuHow to display page icon in dnn standard menu

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