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8/2/2013 9:42 AM
DNN COMMUNITY 07.00.06 (121)
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High School where every teacher is assigned their personal login, their personal role and their personal class page in which they have rights to edit.  They do NOT have rights to edit any other part of the site.  Currently there are approximately 180 teacher users.

1.  I want to give Teacher Users the ability to edit and add HTML Module only so in the grey box after selecting add module a Teacher User should only see HTML Module.
I watched a video made by Chris Hammond showing how to set up the modules in ADMIN/Extensions by making certain DEPLOY MODULE boxes are unchecked for all roles except for ADMINISTRATORS.  I believe in 7.x the default setting is ADMIN only so I actually didn't need to make any changes.

What is working and what isn't:
When I log in as a Teacher User and then add a module I first see the All Categories list of modules and all of our installed modules are listed and a Teacher User can add any of these to a page and edit.  Then I use the drop down and select COMMON modules and I see the HTML module only… THEN I go back to ALL CATEGORIES and all of the modules except for HTML are now gone… so this SORT OF works….. is this a bug in DNN?

2.  When a Teacher User adds a HTML module to their page can I restrict which Pane they can add the html module too?  Also can I keep them from being able to make that module appear on all pages?

3.  On each Teacher User page there are 5 HTML modules that appear on ALL pages within the site.  I want to restrict the ability to edit/delete these from all teachers.  The permissions of these modules are set so only ADMIN can edit.  When I log in as a Teacher User and visit that teacher's page I can edit/delete any of the 5 modules….. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a DNN bug?
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8/3/2013 11:21 AM


I had something simpler to do with security granulation and submitted it as a but and also I idea :

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8/5/2013 2:49 PM
The problem is that you're going to have to create 180 pages AND set the permissions for EACH editable module on those pages.
What you may want to do is use the Form & List module for storing the data since that can be configured so that each user can only edit their own rows and you can use a default filter on an "edit" page to show their data only.
You can then use the custom XSLT and to a list with details view to get to the desired pages.
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8/5/2013 2:59 PM

Thanks for the reply... this is what we have now...

1.  I have created 180 users (teachers)

2.  I have created 180 roles (one for each teacher)

3.  I assigned edit privileges for teachers and their page via page settings

 I want to give a teacher the ability to add modules to their page so giving them page level edit rights makes sense.... BUT

I have 5 modules (a small rotating module, a social media links module using HTML, and 3 footer links modules) that I want to appear on ALL site pages BUT where only Admin have edit rights.... I attempted to go to a teacher page and set permissions on these modules BUT it did not work.... teachers could edit these at will... and they have... you try to corral 180 teachers... probably similar to herding cats.

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8/5/2013 4:06 PM
If you grant them Edit Page permissions, they'll be able to remove modules from the page and move them around. You can prevent them from EDITING the content of those modules by using an explicit deny.
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...3 potential DNN 7.x bugs or is it me?3 potential DNN 7.x bugs or is it me?

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