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HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Skins, Themes, ...Skins, Themes, ...DNN 7 Does not load proper skin folder/images in "Appearance" (Websitesettings)DNN 7 Does not load proper skin folder/images in "Appearance" (Websitesettings)
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6/21/2013 5:54 AM

Hello everybody,

I have a DNN 7 installation, I created a child portal, with a default DNN Template (The bicycle standard one). 

  1. After successfull installation I added a new skin!
  2. I applied the new skin to my portal (to the website first, then to every page)
  3. Standard bicycle logo still displaying!!!
  4. I clicked on Administration->Site Seetings: Appearance, where you get the Logo dropdown lists (Folder and files). It was showing the site root folder that was pointing to the default skin!!! Still Dotnetnuke logo, or Bicycle logo to choose! No other option! The new skin logo was not listed!!!

My question is : Shouldn't DNN 7 automatically change, the folder where it points at, based on the skin you setup??? How can I tell DNN that for the new skin, the Logo images, has to be taken/lookup somewhere else, i.e. : "Portals/_default/Skins/SkinName/images/"... Or do I need to upload manually the Logo of the new skin??? That doesn't make sense to me because for what am I using a tool then? If it doesn't automatically switch to the right "workspace"???? Also, if I would upload the skin manually there would be a redundancy??? Same logo stored in 2 different locations...

Any help? Solution?  Ideas? 

Thank you very much.



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6/21/2013 6:00 AM
Did you upload the new skin as Host or as Admin? Another trick could be flushing your cache and restarting the application. How did you upload the new logo? Or was it part in the Skin? You can also sync your files in the file manager if they still not show up.
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6/21/2013 6:17 AM
It depends on the skin. The default skin, uses the logo skin object. The logo skin object assumes that the logo is independent of the skin. This allows you to easily run using the default skin and just customize the logo.

If your skin copies that approach then I'd expect the same behaviour.

Best wishes,
- Richard
Agile Development Consultant, Practitioner, and Trainer
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6/21/2013 6:37 AM
indeed I had to synchronize the folders! Now in the file manager I see also the skin folder (of my new skin) , but in DNN SiteManagement itself, still the same problem as before. I uploaded the skin as Host. The logo of the new skin comes with the package! I didnt upload the new logo manually (which is still an option I can do, but a dirty one. Every skinpack has its logo and therefore all skin vendors deliver the skins with the logo in following location : skinname/images/logo.jpg, )

I think DNN7 is a bit different from some previous DNN versions. Before, with previous DNN, I simply applyed the new skin to a portal, it automatically loaded and applied all the right images of the new skin! Probably my skin is not 100% compatible with DNN7! But the vendor said yes, it is DNN7 compatible. So I will double check that!

Thx both.

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6/21/2013 6:47 AM
AFAIK nothing in this area has changed since DNN 4.
The Logo skin object is still the same.
For a new empty portal the logo would not appear automatically after you install the skin as normally it's not included in the skin package.
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Skins, Themes, ...Skins, Themes, ...DNN 7 Does not load proper skin folder/images in "Appearance" (Websitesettings)DNN 7 Does not load proper skin folder/images in "Appearance" (Websitesettings)

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