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5/13/2013 6:15 PM

I have searched and searched the web for answers on how to setup DNN 6 for a web farm.  I have discovered several documents and have read through them.  Some documents are for older versions of DNN and do not apply to DNN 6 and the DNN 6 document only applied to DNN 6 PE.  We are running DNN 6 CE.  We have 2 web servers each with local storage holding the DNN instance.  We have Windows DFS replication setup between the to storage locations.  We have been in development for a few months now and have had no problems with the site.  We have recently went live and are now seeing what appears to be cache problems. 

I understand that CE only has a file based cache and thats fine for us.  What we are experiencing is changes being made on one server do not appear on the other server.  DFS replication is working perfect and if I go into the other server and clear the cache then all the changes appear. 

I have a feeling that DNN might do something special like launch a file watcher if it senses it is in in a web farm environment.  My question is how do I make DNN know its in one?  If I go to the host settings, the 'Is Web Farm' check box is not marked.  I cannot figure out how to make it checked.   

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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5/21/2013 9:49 AM
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8/1/2013 4:31 PM


Did you figure it out? We are also looking to convert to web farm from single server and we are also looking into doing file storage on all the servers in the web farm. Also, we use heavy caching and we are concerned how the file cache works with multiple file storage. Can you share you findings and any gotcha that you faced.

 Also, could you please send me the links for the documents that you have found helpful for setting up DNN web farms. I have found one http://www.datasprings.com/resources/...

which uses a single UNC share as file server but I want to setup file servers on both the servers. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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8/1/2013 5:17 PM

Unfortunately I was unable to get any information on the topic as you can see in this thread.  I have gotten 0 responses from anyone including DotNetNuke.  This has been the biggest "gotcha" of the project as I expected DNN to be a little better with their support and atleast answer questions in the forum.

Our site seems to run okay with our setup.  We have 2 seperate web servers.  Each web server has a local hard drive holding the DNN instance.  Our windows network contains a DFS (Distributed File Sharing) link between the two folders holding the DNN instances.  This link keeps the 2 folders in sync.  If a change is made to one, the change is then replicated to the other.  This keeps both web instances in sync and we can load balance accross the 2 instances. 

Another alternative option to this is to setup a single storage area holding the DNN instance and attach both web servers to it using file sharing and a UNC path. 

The problems we have experienced so far is that if a change is made on one webserver, that change (only sometimes) does not appear on the other webserver.  This means some users browsing to our site will see the updated material, and others will not depending on which web server they are handed during the load balancing process.  If I login to the 2nd web server's DNN instance and clear its cache, the problem goes away.  This tells me that the 2nd web server is caching its objects and showing those rather than showing the updated objects replicated over from the 1st web server.  I know the changes are being replicated, they are just not be used by DNN.

It was my understanding that if DNN senses that it is part of a web farm, there are mechanisms that engage to keep this from happening.  I believe there is a file watcher that dumps the cache if a new file is replicated over.  You cannot, however, just tell DNN you are in a web farm and I haven't been able to make it think its in one either.  All the DNN documents claim it senses a web farm on its own or tell you how to configure it with Pro Edition.

Hope this helps you some.  I do not have the documents I spoke of above because they were not helpful and I didn't keep them.  You can google and find some (not a lot) of info on the subject.  Thats what I had to do. 

My main question was how to make DNN think it's in a web farm.  However, I do know alot about setting up the web farm and making it work so if you have any questions about how to build the farm just let me know.

You can also email me: [email protected]

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8/2/2013 10:57 AM

Thank you Steven for the reply and the information! I wish there were more information on DNN site or at least someone respond to the forum posts.

You said:

"The problems we have experienced so far is that if a change is made on one webserver, that change (only sometimes) does not appear on the other webserver."

I just want to know what kind of changes didn't appear on the other webserver. Is it the stuff added to the HttpContext cache?

Also, what kind of load balancer did you use? a software load balancer or hardware balancer? Also, did you use Application Request Routing (ARR) for routing? I saw on the net people using load balancer along with ARR but not sure why I need both. If you know or used it please post it here with the information.

And thank you so much for sharing your email id, as I make progress and have question I will surely contact you via email.

Thank you once again,



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