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5/11/2013 9:27 AM

This version, 06.01.01, is a release that has very important new options: anonymous enrollment & integration of the DNN social API/Journal, in addition to a number of bug fixes, enhancements and changes.

Main new features

Anonymous enrollment - This is a long requested feature, but also one that had serious implications on the working and database structure of the module. Up until this version, only registered users could enroll into an event that has enrollment enabled. This new version breaks that link. Unregistered users can enroll into an Event and have to specify some information (name, email address) in order to be able to enroll.

Integrated Social API - This version of Events can function as social event module and integrates with the social groups features that came available in DNN 6.2. For this feature to work, the Event module instance must on pages controlled by Social Group module. Journal entries are created, friends can see enrollments, new events are visible in the journal. This is a complete new implementation with our ideas how it should or could work, we are open for suggestions and improvements.

Events 06.01.01 will work for any DNN version 6.2.0 and up. Full details on the changes can be found in great detail at http://dnnevents.codeplex.com/workite....


  • Allow anonymous users to enroll
  • Added support for social groups, so an Event module can function as a group calendar on a social group page
  • Added journalling, so new events and enrollments actvities are added to the jounal


  • Improved iCal for recurring events, implemented sequence property of a VEVENT object in line with the number of changes of the evevt.
  • Added tokens [ISENROLED] and [ISNOTENROLED] to enable inclusion of content based on whether the logged in user is enrolled or not
  • Added a short description to be used for list and tooltip.
  • Added template tokens to display or not display text depending on the fact the user has or not a given role. [HASROLE_xxx] would be the tag defining the text to display when the user is in role xxx, and [HASNOTROLE_xxx] when the user has not the role xxx.
  • Added a setting to selectively enable enrollment emails
  • Added admin ability to control sorting and date filtering of My Enrollments
  • Added extra attributes to RSS feed to support DNN Newsfeeds
  • Allowed monthly recurring events occurring in specific week to have periodicity


  • Open a new browser window when clicking on the RSS Feed icon
  • Print Icon changed to IconKey


  • Fixed a bug where multi-day events weren't appearing for as long as they should in list view
  • Improved teamplate handling so Owner line can be supressed completely
  • Corrected the number fo emails send for Enrolled Users
  • Corrected category based filtering of enrollments
  • Correct spelling of 'Enroll'
  • Corrected display of notifytime for reminders
  • Fixed bugs with sites using HTTPS
  • Fix bug with email formatting

XCESS expertise center b.v.
Ernst Peter
LinkedIn Profile Ernst Peter Tamminga

XCESS: DNN/Evoq specialist, zie www.xcess.nl

Events 7.0.0 - Released
FAQ 5.4.0 - Released
Reports 6.0.0 - Released
HomeHomeDNN Open Source...DNN Open Source...Module ForumsModule ForumsEventsEventsA serious event: DNN Events 06.01.01 is released!A serious event: DNN Events 06.01.01 is released!

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