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6/4/2010 4:38 PM

I'm doing some web work for a friend, and he wants me to edit the content of his site. Typically this is no problem, except he has no record of what his username or password was for his admin account on his DotNetNuke site. To make matters worse, his listed email is no longer accessable, negating the "forgot password?" option. There are no other registered users for this website as far as I know. While the site is hosted with GoDaddy, his install was manual, so GoDaddy cannot look up the password either...

Through GoDaddy I can log into his account and access FTP as well as his SQLServer through SQL Server Web Admin, but as I am used to MySQL databases, I do not know how I should go resetting his listed email address and password. I've never used SQL Server Web Admin, as I'm used to phpMyAdmin, and I'm not used to DotNetNuke, so I do not know what fields to edit or how to do so. I can log into SQL Server Web Admin, and browse around, but after that, I'm lost. I suppose if we reset his email address to one I could access, we could just check that email for the password, but either way, I need the advice of someone wiser than I in order to continue.

Any advice?
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6/4/2010 10:44 PM
Since you have access to the database, it will be relatively easy to change the email address so that the "Forgot Password" function can be used or reset the user account's password.

As the email will need to be changed anyway, lets try that approach . . .

1. Open the database table XXX.YYYUsers where XXX represents the value of the databaseOwner specified in the site's web.config and YYY represents the value of the objectQualifier also specified in the site's web config. Most often the databaseOwner will be "dbo" and the objectQualifier either blank or "dnn_". For example with "dbo" as the databaseOwner and blank for the objectQualifier, the table name will be dbo.Users.

2. Locate the friend's username in this table. The standard DotNetNuke installation will create two users "admin" and "host". Quite possibly, both accounts were originally set up with the friends old email address and if no other users registered should be the only two accounts in the table.

3. In the rows corresponding to the desired username(s),  change the value in the column "Email" to the new email address. I am not familiar with GoDaddy's Web Server Admin tool but if it works like myLittleAdmin used by some hosts, you can change a value and save the change by simply typing over the old value then clicking anywhere in another row of the table.

4. Make a note of the username(s) for which you changed the email address.

5. Open the table XXX.aspnet_Users and locate the row(s) having the same username(s) in the UserName column.

6. Make a note of the long string of numbers and letters (GUID) in UserID column of the corresponding row(s). You will not be making any changes to the aspnet_Users table.

7. Open the table XXX.aspnet_Membership and locate the row(s) have the same values in the UserID column that you noted in #6 above.

8. In each corresponding row, change the values of the column Email from the old to the new email address.

9. If there is a column named LoweredEmail in the table change the value from the old to the new email address but all in lower case letters.

10. Close the Web Server Admin tool.

11. Visit the website and for each of the account usernames that had there email address updated use of the "Forgot Password" function to email the passwords to the new email address.

If for some reason the password can not be sent or received, let me know and I'll go through the proceedure for changing the password in the database - a bit more complicated, though.

Bill, WESNet Designs
Team Lead - DotNetNuke Gallery Module Project (Not Actively Being Developed)
Extensions Forge Projects . . .
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6/4/2010 11:17 PM
Hm, well I'm having some difficulties with what you're describing, mostly because godaddy's SQL application is very different. Can I forward you the password info and have you poke around?
HomeHomeUsing DNN Platf...Using DNN Platf...Administration ...Administration ...Reset DNN admin password/email via SQL Server Web AdminReset DNN admin password/email via SQL Server Web Admin

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