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New Post
12/30/2008 8:35 PM

 I don't know if anybody else noticed, but in the one week that DotNetNuke has been on CodePlex, it has surpassed all other CodePlex projects in terms of number of downloads!

Congrats DotNetNuke Corp and to the entire community for making DotNetNuke so successful!

New Post
12/30/2008 9:07 PM

I did notice that I was downloading 5.0 from somewhere other than SourceForge. Why did they switch? just curious.

and.. congrat for 5.0!

New Post
1/1/2009 1:39 PM

I also wondered why the switch. I  have a link set to sourceforge to thier project page ( ) where i could see a summary of all the different projects and see what release they are at. No only this. When you clicked on the update in the 4.90 , it brought you to that page. Today i ventured out to the main page and clicked the main link for DNN 5.0 on the main page. Upon clicking each tab , i was disappointed that there was not a similar front page for DNN to show where each project is. Is Codeplex able to have a similiar summary page or are all of the DNN people going to have to look for each project individually on Codeplax just to see a summary of thier core module has a new release or not? Are we going to be forced to use the main DNN site download page where we have to click through to each individual project to get the download needed?


Unless codeplex can have sub projects like DNN had setup on Sourceforge, i view this as more of a step back just for political purposes. I do realize it is early as not all core projects are on Codeplex but if it is going to more tedious mouseclicks..............

Just my first impression and i hope i am missing something........

Thank you,


New Post
1/1/2009 1:58 PM

Please note the move over to codeplex has been very recent, there are bound to be quirks that will be ironed out as time goes by (as with all new facilities). Some of the issues explained here are already known issues. As far as I'm aware the transfer process from sourceforge hasn't been completed either (and you don't just press a button and see it instantly happen as I'm sure everybody is aware).

But hey at least it's working, a good start at least in this case ;).

Alex Shirley

New Post
1/2/2009 12:15 PM

completely understood..... I am just hopeing there was foresight and investigation before impulse...... to many times one person thinks it is a good idea without through research into making sure the new product can support the needs as well.  Hmmm, seeing how the cost is the same, i am going to presume it might be a administrative maintenance ease of use move (or political to stick with all MS.) and state that 2009 will state with new beginings and to see what the future holds.

As with everthing, cautious optimism abounds....

Thank you,



HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityGeneral Discuss...General Discuss...Congrats DotNetNuke Corp!Congrats DotNetNuke Corp!

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