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3/17/2010 1:33 AM

Dave and I have not solved this problem yet, but we have narrowed it down to something in the SQL database. Here is what we have done:

We copied our 5.3.1 production site to a test site (copied the database & DNN directory).
We upgraded the test site to 5.2.3.
We still get "awaiting payment" after returning from PayPal.

We uninstalled all the store modules from the test site, verified that all the code, SQL tables & stored procs were removed.
We re-installed the store module (2.1.30). Still have the problem.

We did a fresh install of 5.2.3 and it works correctly. The status of the order is updated to "Paid" after returning from PayPal.
We pointed the test site (5.2.3) to the database that was created from the fresh install of 5.2.3. It also works OK.

This tells us that the code modules are all working correctly on the test site. The difference is in the SQL database, but NOT in any of the store tables, since those were all replaced. Not sure where to go from here.

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3/19/2010 1:57 AM
Well, it’s been almost a month since my site stopped working (PayPal IPN not changing order status to Paid from Awaiting Payment even though PayPal says Sent and Status 200). I had some nice triggers working in 4.9 to unlock products and they still work in 5.2.3 but I have removed them for testing. I finally gave up on trying to fix my 5.2.1 DNN site or any upgraded version of it and went to a clean install of DNN 5.2.3 with Store 2.1.30 and it worked – until I configured my User Settings to: Redirect After Login, Logout and Registration; Use CAPTCHA for logins, and Registration; Require a valid profile for Registration, and Login. IPN then stopped working. I undid the changes and IPN works again. So I tried the same steps on my upgraded site (DNN 5.2.1 upgraded to 5.2.3). PayPal IPN is still not changing the order status as it should. I tried comparing the settings on my working portal (clean 5.2.3 install) with my broken upgraded portal (5.2.3 upgraded from 5.2.1) but I can’t get that portal to work no matter what I try. I have been working on this as time permits for almost a month now. Documentation was sparse on the upgrade so I am not sure if I should have upgraded to 5.2.2 along the way, but the install had no errors and the issue with the core DNN Subscribe link not going to PayPal was fixed (as expected). The only thing preventing us from rolling the site into production is the bug in the Store not changing the status to Paid via PayPal IPN. Both the working site and broken site are on the same versions of DNN and the store, reside on the same server, and hit the same PayPal account. The only difference is that the portal that does not work has 30 users each with Repository modules as well as a boat load of other content that will be difficult to move. It is also a Verified and the site that works is Public. Both sites are on a sub domain ( and PayPal IPN works on both sites with the DNN built in Subscribe link to PayPal. Why does the DNN core Subscribe link work with IPN to unlock a role but the Store site will not update the order status to Paid on the same portal using the same PayPal account? Why will the Store update the order status to Paid on a clean install only when there are no Redirect, CAPTCHA, or Profile changes made? Again, the DNN core works fine on an upgraded portal with these set but even a clean install of the Store on a clean install of DNN will not update the order status. Are there any known features or settings of DNN that do not work with the Store 2.1.30? I have removed SSL on the site that does not work and still nothing. I have installed and tested DotNetNuke Shopping Cart by DNNSpot and it does not work correctly with our sub domain, but their support was quick and they promised to have the issue fixed within a day or two. I am now testing Smith Cart but truthfully, I really like the way the Store module works. I just really need a fix so I can roll this project out. Any help would be greatly appreciated! As always thanks to Giles and other developers and contributors to the forum for a great product. If not for this one bug (and a few others I have seen unanswered on the forum lately) I would be highly recommending this product. Can anyone else duplicate my issue with Redirect, CAPTCHA, and Profile changes breaking IPN in the store module (see above for details)?
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3/19/2010 2:06 AM
I posted more details of our ongoing issues and attempted solutions under our original thread from Feb 20th. We have been working on this for weeks so it is hard to give all the details of our efforts without writing a book, but if we find a solution we will post it. At this point not even a clean install will work once I start configuring minimal security in the User Settings and Profile area in DNN. This has been an issue in all versions of the store since 2.1.28 with all versions of DNN since 5.2.1 on both of my dedicated servers and three hosted servers on GoDaddy. I am frustrated, but still thankful to those providing such a great product at no charge and the folks who offer solutions on the forum! As always - thanks!
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3/31/2010 1:36 AM
The issue I am having with PayPal IPN not working seems related to DNN Profile and User Settings which when set in certain combinations break IPN. I have tested on dozens of portals with several versions of DNN and Store with the same results. I am trying to figure out the code but I am a SQL coder and know little of web development. Any suggestions on how I might be able to fix this? It seems like lots of folks are able to run the Store without issue. Anyone using CAPTCHA or redirect on login successfully with the Store and PayPal IPN? This is still an open bug for at least a hand full of us. Thanks.
New Post
3/31/2010 10:30 AM

Hi Dave,

There is no relation at all between the DNN core IPN and the Store IPN. It look than your problem is related to the CAPTCHA and redirection only. I would like to know if your test site can be reached from the Internet? If yes, please create a host account for me and send me the url by email (glepigocher AT I will have a look at your settings to try to discover why the IPN do not validate your transaction. This could help me to reproduce your config and try to debug the code.


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