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1/3/2006 3:47 PM

Golko Consulting and WittySoft LLC present...

User Attributes Version 2.5

Design custom User forms -- including Registration forms -- with automatic Security Role Assignments and Auto-Redirects without modifying the DotNetNuke Core!

Software UCanUse©

Quickly customize your DotNetNuke web site or portal for specific types of users with this affordable, easy-to-use module!

DotNetNuke 2.12, 3.x and DotNetNuke 4 are supported in one package!


Buy it at Snowcovered now!

New Features:

  • New Let Users Upload A File! A new custom control is available to let your users upload a file such as their resume or CV!
  • New Let Users Upload A Picture! A new custom control is available to let your users upload an image for their profile!
  • New Master/Slave User Forms!
    Now you can put multiple User Attributes forms on the same page and select one as the Master so
    there are only one set of Register/Update buttons. Set different security settings on the slave modules
    to provide different User Attributes for specific Security Groups!
  • New Default Redirect Settings!
    Configure the default redirect behavior once the form has been completed.
    Override the default redirect behavior with Action redirects based on different conditions.
  • New Set Different Default Redirect Settings for Registrations and Updates !
    Want to send new registrants to a different page than existing users who update their profile?
    Now you can with User Attributes 2.5! You can even set a default Cancel redirect!
  • New Show or Hide Field Help Icons!
    If you want you can get rid of that pesky question mark next to each field label!
  • New Show or Hide Unregister Button!
    Now you can choose to hide the button that lets users unregister from your site!
    Provided due to requests from a number of users!
  • New Default Values Template!
    You could always assign default values for your User Attributes but now you can define default values for address and registration fields! The Default Username setting lets you specify an account you want to serve as they default for other accounts. Use a different default record for each User Attributes module if you want!
  • New Custom Controls Project With Source Code!
    Now you can design your own controls to use within the User Attributes module!
    We provide an example Visual Studio 2003 project complete with code for a data aware drop down list you can display in 4 ways. This control uses an SQL statement to populate itself with data. By studying the code you can learn how to develop your own custom controls for use in User Attributes!
  • New Sample Data Access Project!
    This MSVisual Studio 2003 project shows you how to programatically access your User Attributes data for whatever purposes you have!
  • New Bulk Purchase Discounts Available!
    If you produce web sites and portals for other users, save money on each User Attributes module you purchase. You can charge your customers the regular price and earn an override commission on each unit you purchase.
  • New Inter-Module-Communication (IMC) Support !
    Every time a User Attributes register or update button is pressed, User Attributes sends out an IMC message containing the entire user registration and User Attributes information. Modules that can receive IMC events can use this information any way they please -- to populate another form, to update another database table -- whatever!
  • New Many small improvements!
    Such as being able to displaying option groups horizontally instead of just vertically, error trapping to make sure you don't double post Attribute Definitions, horizontal display of option buttons, and much, much more!

Use User Attributes for gathering data you want to associate with the User. There are countless ways to use this module and it is so powerful you'll soon find you can't do without it! Now with multiple forms on the sampe page it's even more useful!

Additional Features:

  • Actions Panel!
    Now you can specify form-level actions instead of field-level actions
    Specify multiple conditional actions for each user attribute
  • Use All Registration and Portal Information in your Actions Conditions!
    By using tokens, you can base your action conditions on any information in the User registration record or on current Portal information.
  • Conditional Role Assignment for each option in a list type field!
    Version 1 allowed one role assignment no matter how many list options there were
  • Show or Hide Registration Fields!
    The only default DotNetNuke registration fields you have to display now are the First Name,
    Last Name, Username, Password, Password Confirm and Email fields. You can hide any or all of the rest!
  • Add Instructions to List Boxes and Still Make Them Required!
    Enter text such as "Make your selection..." and mark the field as required, even though the "Make your selection" list item is selected, the user will have to make a different selection to continue with completing the User Attributes form!
  • Administrator Accounts Group!
    Select the Security Roles you want in the "Administrator Accounts" group for each instance
    of User Attributes you place on your web site or portal. People who are in those security
    groups can edit user accounts for that instance of the User Attributes module.
  • Private Accounts Group!
    Select the Security Roles you want to exclude from editing access by the Administrator Accounts group.
    Those in the Administrator Accounts security groups will not be able to edit the records of users who are members of any of the Security Roles in the Private Accounts group.
  • Custom Notifications System Templates!
    Design your own text or html email notification templates and use any Host, Portal, or User Attributes data you want in your email messages!
  • Custom Notifications System Options!
    Send notifications to admins, users and all members of specified Security Roles you select.
    Choose the conditions under which you send notifications: new registrations, updates, role changes
  • Custom Module Templates!
    Make the User Attributes Module appear like the rest of your site! Customize the included CSS Classes or design your own; use the included templates or modify them as you see fit. Now you have complete control!
  • DotNetNuke DotNetNuke Versions 3 and 4 features in DotNetNuke 2!
    In User Attributes Version 2, many of the DotNetNuke 3.x and 4.x features are now available in DotNetNuke 2.12!
  • UCanUse© User Manager Version 1 included!
    Assign whatever Security Roles you want to serve as User Attributes Adminstrators on a per-module basis!

    Exclude whatever users you want from other Administrators' editing rights by assigning them to a Privacy role!

Plus you can still...

  • Optionally register new users
  • Optionally add fields to your custom User Attributes Registration form
  • Optionally remove the address fields from your custom Registration form
  • Optionally redirect users based on the criteria you specify
  • Optionally add users to roles based on criteria you specify
  • Collect and store any information you want from users

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Customize the registration form you use in DotNetNuke?
  • Automatically redirect people to a specific page after registering?
  • Automatically assign people to predefined Security Roles if they meet certain criteria?
  • Obtain and track specific information from each and every user?
  • Define your own forms very easily, and tie them to the registration process?
  • Ask users if they want to receive your free E-Zine as they register?

Now you can do this and more with the
UCanUse© User Attributes Module!

Buy it at Snowcovered now!

Here's some examples of what you can do with this module.

Problem #1

You have three different areas of your web site that you want to provide secure access to different groups of users. You define new Security Roles but now you have the problem of manually checking each user registration to add them to the right security role. You want to automate this process so users have instant access to the right area of your web site, and so you can save yourself a lot of time.

Solution: Add the UCanUse© UserAttribute module!

  • Add one field for each of three areas you want to secure.
  • Add a specific condition that the user has to enter in order to be assigned to each Role.
  • Optionally select the URLs or tabs you want the user to be directed to.
  • Put all three fields on one User Attribute module,
    or put three different User Attribute modules on your site with one of those three fields each..
  • If you want to register users in the process, you can do that by simply selecting that option
  • If you want to make this available only to already registered users, do not elect to register them.

Problem #2

You want users to be redirected to a specific page after registration depending upon a certain criteria.

Solution: Add the UCanUse© UserAttribute module!

  • In Module Setup Options, select "Register User"
  • Select whether you want the Address fields to appear or not.
  • Add boolean, textbox or options-list fields and specify which are required
  • Select the tab to redirect the user to based on your criteria
  • Add the specific criteria the user must enter or select to be redirected to the pages you want

Problem #3

You want to customize the DotNetNuke Registration Page by adding additional phone fields.

Solution: Add the UCanUse© UserAttribute module!

  • In Module Setup Options, select "Register User"
  • Select whether you want the Address fields to appear or not
  • Add any additional fields you want
  • Specify which fields should be required and which should not be
  • Enter any criteria you want to determine when to add a user to any roles
  • Enter any criteria you want to determine when to make a redirect action
    (launch a URL, Tab (Page) or File based on user input)

Buy it at Snowcovered now!

Features and Benefits:

  • Portal-level Attribute Definitions list
    Define all your fields at the portal level so you can use them in more than one module without duplicating your effort
  • Select boolean, text, memo, checkbox, list box (single or multi-choice), option group, date or number fields
  • Specify default labels and options
  • Define default text and list box selections
  • Add module-level User Attributes
    Add multiple User Attributes Modules -- put them everywhere you want!
    Simply select your pre-defined fields from the Attributes Definition List
  • Customize any of the User Attributes at the module level
    Change labels and default values and default text and user selections, and enter redirection and Security Role criteria.
  • Module Setup Options
    Use any of your User Attributes Modules to register users -- but you do not have to register users in any of the User Attribute modules you set up.
  • Multiple modules can be used for registration; customize them and place them everywhere you want!
  • Chose to automatically notify users, administrators of new registrations and role changes
  • Roles are automatically refreshed for users when they are added to or removed from a role.
    Users will have instant-access to areas they are entitled to enter,
    and they will be denied access to any areas protected by roles they are removed from, or not added to.
  • Users can be added to multiple roles through one User Attributes module
  • Redirect users to different areas of your site based on the answers they provide to the questions you define
  • Users can be removed from specific roles if they modify their information later and the new information does not meet the criteria you specified.
  • Adminstrators have complete control over automatically adding users to roles, removing users from roles, or whether they want to moderate that activity (approve each registration or application themselves).
  • Extensible: Developers can add their own control (field) types to extend those offered in this core package.

You can do so much with this module to customize your site for individual users and security roles!


Included with your purchase is a brand new skin object called UAUser. You can put this object in your skins in place of the DotNetNuke USER skin object. When authorized users click their name to go to their User Profile, UAUser will automatically direct the use to the User Attributes page on which they registered! Just put the token [UAUser] anywhere in your skin and it acts just like the native DotNetNuke User token, except it directs them to their own registration page. This is useful if you have more than one place users can register on your site -- and this is easy to implement with the UCanUse© User Attributes module!

Maybe you just want to redirect users to a certain part of your site based on the answers they provide.
The UCanUse© User Attributes Module will do that for you easily!

Maybe you want to put different forms in different areas of your site easily.
The UCanUse© User Attributes Module will do that for you easily!

Maybe you want to register users on different pages in your site easily.
The UCanUse© User Attributes Module will easily do that for you!

UCanUse© User Attributes works for both DotNetNuke 2.12, DotNetNuke 3.x and DotNetNuke 4.x out of the box!

Purchase the UCanUse© User Attributes Module now at a special introductory price!
(see above, source code not included).

Buy it at Snowcovered now!

Why Purchase This Software?

The User Attributes module will help you control the registration process better, it will help you customize your site for specific users more easily, and it will help you streamline your site. This is software UCanUse©! Besides all the features and benefits outlined above, Golko Consulting and WittySoft are producing a number of add-on modules that use the data you collect from your users in many other ways. Easily integrate these additional modules into your site using user-specific data you define and collect yourself. Buy this module now and get 25% off future UCanUse© User Attributes Add-On releases!

Software UCanUse©!

Golko Consulting/WittySoft LLC

We produce Custom Registration Forms On Request!
Contact Us For Specific Consulting Requests

Qualtiy DotNetNuke modules and custom development; we've been serving the DNN community for over 2 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. Let us serve you today.
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