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3/7/2007 7:42 PM

Due to popular demand I have created the following two tutorials that explain how to backup a DNN site and then how to restore a site from a backup!

How to Backup:  http://www.mitchelsellers.com/Blogs/tabid/54/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/33/Default.aspx 
How to Restore/Move: http://www.mitchelsellers.com/Blogs/tabid/54/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/35/Default.aspx

As always please leave your comments on the articles...and feel free to ask any questions!

-Mitchel Sellers
Microsoft C# MVP, MCITP
CEO/Director of Development - IowaComputerGurus Inc.
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Visit mitchelsellers.com for my mostly DNN Blog and support forum.

Visit IowaComputerGurus.com for free DNN Modules, DNN Performance Tips, DNN Consulting Quotes, and DNN Technical Support Services
New Post
3/8/2007 2:37 AM
Perfecto maxima :)

Or-Rouge Team Or-Rouge
Personally recommend Hostgator for hosting single or multiple DotNetNuke Websites.
DotNetNuke Tips and Tutorials
Install DotNetNuke to Godaddy root
DotNetNuke Türkçe Hakkinda Hersey
New Post
3/11/2007 7:18 PM

Thanks - just what I was looking for.

Mutate and Survive
New Post
4/2/2007 5:45 PM
Followed the procedure and I get page can not be displayed when pointing to the new virtual directory...
New Post
6/6/2007 7:26 AM

OK, so far so good.  I had one problem, worked around it, and now want to nail down a "more proper" solution.  The problem is that, if you restore the database to a different server, even if all the security is the same, logins are the same, passwords are teh same, it will not behave as you'd like.  The user in the database is not associated with the login!  And I see no way to fix this with the front-end tools.  I've seent he problem before with SQL Server 2000.  Now I'm on SQL Server 2005, so I need to do some studying.

But I thought I'd post this, in case someone else can tell me how to fix this faster.  I worked around it by creating a new database user with the same login credentials, and giving it DBOwner powers.  That's too much power, so I will stay on the path of the "more proper" solution.  If I don't hear from anyone, I'll post what I find!

Oh, a mention of the fix might be useful in the tutorial too.


HomeHomeOur CommunityOur CommunityCommunity Membe...Community Membe...Tutorials: Backup DNN, Restore DNN, Move DNN from BackupTutorials: Backup DNN, Restore DNN, Move DNN from Backup

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