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(Other) DNN Core Russian Language Pack

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  • Created On: 10/19/2015
  • Last Release: 4/6/2017

About Extension

Complete Core russian (ru-RU) language pack for DNN Community Edition 8.0.4. Русский перевод DNN. GitHub repository synchronized with Transifex project. Feel free to join the translation team!

Roman Yagodin

Coordinator since:10/19/2015

MemberTeam Role
Roman Yagodin Coordinator

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Version 8.0.4-9

Fix some typos and outdated translations, address some translation-related UI quirks.

Version 8.0.4-8

  • Fixed few hundreds validator messages (thanks to @lelka-34).
  • Fixed version number to allow upgrade of DNN 7 package.
  • Added validator logs for each package/culture.

Older releases for DNN v7.4.2

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