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(Module) R7.Documents

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  • Created On: 11/22/2014
  • Last Release: 1/9/2017

About Extension

R7.Documents is a redesigned version of the classic DNN Documents module with some new features and enhancements.

For end-users:

  • Document type icon added to display file extension icon.
  • Added ability to edit document dates.
  • Added ability to exclude certain documents from regular view (publish / unpublish).
  • Document edit control now displayed as popup by default.
  • If no published documents available, module hides from reqular view.
  • Module display settings (column set / order, sorting, etc) now tab-specific.
  • Download / clicks count displayed in the download link tooltip.
  • Ability to import documents from other R7.Documents or DNN Documents module instances.
  • Support custom CSS stylesets for tables, configurable via XML.
  • Support for custom document link HTML attributes.

For developers:

  • 100% module code converted from VB.NET to C#.
  • DAL 2 used instead of DAL to access the database.
  • Module settings now stored in standard DNN tables.
  • Module content exposed to the new DNN search engine.
  • All obsolete / deprecated DNN API calls were refreshed.

Roman Yagodin

Coordinator since:11/22/2014

MemberTeam Role
Roman Yagodin Coordinator

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Recent Release Date:

  • Fixed bug with module settings not updated properly on DNN 8+ (#50).

Note: Install R7.DotNetNuke.Extensions v0.10.0 package first!

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