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(SkinObject) Hotcakes Cart Item Count

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  • Created On: 8/30/2015
  • Last Release: 8/29/2015

About Extension

This is a DNN theme / skin object for use with Hotcakes Commerce. It utilizes the Hotcakes Server-Side API to obtain the current customer's cart line item count and display it.

Project Dependicies

DNN Hotcakes Commerce 01.08.07



Styling can be added to HotcakesCartItemCount.ascx utilizing CssClass or inline styling.

Manual Installation

We hope to add a build script to the project soon to auto-generate a Private Assembly package for easy installation within DNN. Until then, only one folder needs to be manually created and two files copied over to the DNN instance file/folder structure.

Create folder
  1. Within DNN instance, create a folder named HotcakesCartItemCount within ~/DesktopModules.

Copy two files over
  1. Copy HotcakesCartItemCount.ascx from this project to the new folder just created above within DNN.

  2. Copy HotcakesCartItemCount.dll from this project (/bin folder) to ~/bin within DNN.

Registering within DNN theme/skin

  • Be sure to register the theme/skin object at the top of desired ASCX theme files:
<%@ Register TagPrefix="hcc" TagName="CartItemCount" Src="~/DesktopModules/HotcakesCartItemCount/HotcakesCartItemCount.ascx" %>


  • Utilize the following code within the desired ASCX theme/skin files:
<hcc:CartItemCount id="hccCartItemCount" runat="server" />

David Poindexter

Coordinator since:8/30/2015

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David Poindexter Coordinator

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Initial release.

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