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  • Created On: 11/28/2008
  • Last Release: 2/9/2014

About Extension

The Media Module is a module that you can use to display and/or play any of the common media formats that you're interested in on your DotNetNuke website, including social media, and content on other popular websites.  This module is an XHTML compliant solution that is included with the DNN web application framework.  As of version 04.00.00, the media module supports DotNetNuke version 05.02.03 and newer.

You should be able to view and/or play any of the following file formats:  jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, bmp, png, swf, avi, wmv, midi, wav, asx, mp3, mp4, mpeg, asf, wma, ram, rpm, rm, mov, qt  (in order to use most of these file formats, you will need to enable them in your host settings)

It is now also very easy to embed media from existing sites and social media outlets, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and more.  Embedding the content can be as easy as copying and pasting the embed code from the site, or simply the URL for the page that the content is on.  There are over 200 sources of social media that are supported through URL linking.

The following features are planned to be included in future releases of the Media Module:

  • Upgrade the UI to meet the DNN v6.0 form and UI patterns
  • Support FLV file types
  • Support streaming media

There are a few other features planned that are not included in this list.  However, this list should give you a pretty good idea of where this module is going.  If you'd like to suggest a feature, please let us know using the Media Module forum.

DotNetNuke Media Module Project Forum

DotNetNuke Media Module Issue Tracking

Will Strohl

Coordinator since:11/28/2008

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Will Strohl Coordinator

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This release has the follow new features and updates: * Tested for version 07.02.00 compatibility * Updated oEmbed to version 00.03.00 * Added missing description below images * Fixed oEmbed SSL providers (can use https now) * Fixed CSS conflicts with fieldsets * Removed NewtonsoftJSON dependency * Fixed issue with sub-directories being used for local media * Fixed URL that is generated !! System Requirements * DotNetNuke v07.02.00 or newer * .Net Framework v4.0 or newer * SQL Server 2008 or newer

3 Media Items

Project Media

Project media is currently limited to screenshots only at this time.

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