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(Module) 2sxc 8.12.00 - Structured Content and Apps ★★★★★ rating

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  • Created On: 10/24/2015
  • Last Release: 4/17/2017

About Extension

Our Mission: Empower the Content-Editor to Create Great Content

And in addition to that: Save the Designer a bunch of time and money :)

Videos, Demos, Templates:

2sxc does this by allowing you (the designer) to create Apps (kind of like Modules but much better AND easier) and templates - kind of like content-skins, with placeholders which the content-editor can then fill in. This might sound simple, but it's amazing what you can do with it, like...

  1. Galleries, Form-And-List replacements, Retina-Images, Apple-style designs, integrate JS-Frameworks like TimeLineJS and so much more!
  2. Enable the content editor to create animated content

...and much more. Please try the apps from the App-Catalog, view the demos and videos and try it. We're really excited to hear your feedback.

NEW! with REST API (for jQuery, knockout etc.), AngularJS API (super-easy integration), Token-List-Templaes, Visual-Query Designer, and much, much more!

The 2sic Team

(iJungleboy) Daniel Mettler

Coordinator since:10/24/2015

MemberTeam Role
(iJungleboy) Daniel Mettler Coordinator

Recent Release Name:



Recent Release Date:

Highlights of 8.6 / 8.7 / 8.8 / 8.9 / 8.10 / 8.11

  1. shake to edit
  2. wysiswyg improvements
  3. various js-APIs to customize edit user experience
  4. quickE 2.0 with module move/delete in preview mode
  5. Very-Rich Text, item-delete, include css/js at end of page

Highlights of 8.5

  • Material Design in edit-dialog
    1. Ability to un-publish new items (so not just hide changes, also hide previously published items)
    2. Many filter options (operators) on the 
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    What is Liquid Content?
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