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JavaScript MVC 1.1 - You need a good JavaScript MVC Framework

This is part 1 of my short series about JavaScript MVC Frameworks. It will cover some basics, compare the most popular frameworks and provide some recommendations on how to get into this topic. In Part 1 we'll focus on what MVC is, how the JavaScript MVC relates to ASP.net MVC and why you should learn it ASAP.

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Oct 23
By: Daniel Mettler

Learning Razor 1 - RSS-App Part 5: Many Views for the same Content

In this post which is part 5 of my mini-series Learning Razor with an RSS-App I want to get you hooked on the power of Razor (and 2sxc while we're at it :). I will show you how much easier it is to create new designs thanks to the open source, html-close nature of Razor.

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Oct 22
By: Daniel Mettler

Module Development for Non-Developers, Skinners, & Beginners – Series Conclusion

DNN Module Development

That's a wrap! This Module Development for Non-Developers, Skinners, and DNN Beginners is now complete. With this blog series finished I wanted to post a quick recap, thank some specific people for their help, and issue a challenge to blog series readers and the DNN Community in general.  Did you learn anything in this series? If so, then you need to read this post! 

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Oct 20
By: Clinton Patterson

Installing Our Module in Another DNN Instance

DNN Module Development

Throughout this series anytime we created a table or stored procedure in our database I always mentioned that we needed to update our SQLDataProvider files. To do that we went back and updated our SQL scripts to include the {objectqualifier} and {databaseowner} properties. These files and functionality are not a requirement for DNN module development, but keeping these files up to date allows us to leverage the portable nature of a DNN module. By "Portable" I mean distributing our modules to locations such as the DNN Store or DNN Forge. In this short blog entry we'll walk through installing our module into a different DNN instance.

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Oct 19
By: Clinton Patterson

Giving Our Module a Setting

DNN Module Development

Our "Tasks" module is shaping up, but what if we don't want to show the completed tasks? What if we only want to show incomplete tasks? In order to limit or filter the view we will add in what's referred to as a "module setting". Module settings can control any feature that you like. In our case in this tutorial series we will give the admin user the ability to set whether or not "completed" tasks will show in the list of tasks.

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Oct 18
By: Clinton Patterson

Deleting Tasks

DNN Module Development

We are rocking and rolling here with our module development journey! Our users can now add tasks and update tasks, but what if they want to delete tasks? In this blog entry we'll walk through the process of allowing our users to delete tasks that they create. The deletion process is different in that we'll add in some functionality for the user to confirm that they want to delete. This will guard against accidental deletion.

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Oct 17
By: Clinton Patterson

Editing Tasks

DNN Module Development

Now that we are allowing users to add tasks there will definitely be the scenario where a user wants to come back and edit their tasks. We need to update our module to allow for this editing functionality. In this blog entry and video we'll walk through each step of the process for adding in the editing capability. We'll cover similar topics as we have covered before along with getting more in depth with jQuery and JavaScript as they will prove critical to providing our users with an interactive editing experience.

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Oct 16
By: Clinton Patterson

Adding Tasks

DNN Module Development

What is a "Tasks" module if we can't add tasks? We've covered a lot of concepts and now we are ready to add the functionality to our module so that we can add tasks to our task list. We will make use of the web services framework again to allow us to add tasks. The good part is that we've already got all the files needed and we just need to add in the new functionality. By the end of this entry you'll see how using the web services framework and modern module development approach provides a really great user experience.

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Oct 15
By: Clinton Patterson

Debugging a DNN Module

DNN Module Development

At some point all developers will have to do something known as "Debugging". Debugging is the process of looking through your code and finding any issues or errors that may be occurring. There may be some data getting returned and you're not sure why, well debugging will help you find out the answers to questions like this. Seasoned developers are also seasoned debuggers, but we have to start somewhere. In this blog entry we'll walk through debugging a DNN module at a high level.

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Oct 14
By: Clinton Patterson

Mentally Mapping The Pieces Together

DNN Module Development

When first learning DNN module development is is possible for things to get fuzzy... at least it did for me. I wanted to know where things lived and what exactly they did for me and my module. If you are like me and seek to understand all the bits and pieces and wnat to know how they work together then this entry is for you. In this blog entry we'll look at how all the components of our module work together to make a sweet module harmony.

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Oct 13
By: Clinton Patterson
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