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Get Involved in Open Source

As an Open Source project, the community plays a special role in the development of the platform. Often some of the best feature ideas originate with a community member.  Community members also provide a lot of feedback on issues that were not caught by our QA team.  Recently, the project has been getting more and more code contributions which are also an important part of any Open Source project. Continue Reading »
Jul 22
By: Joe Brinkman

Community Makes Huge Impact on DNN 7.3

Thank-YouAs an open source project, DNN relies on our community to help improve the product. In the past year we have placed renewed emphasis on getting the community involved in core platform development.  Whether it is by fixing small bugs which may have special significance to a community member, or by submitting major platform enhancements, the community is really starting to embrace this new role.

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Jun 13
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN Module Development

LEGO bricks are one of the most successful toys ever created. A big part of this success is due to the flexibility of the LEGOs which can be combined in a myriad of ways to build whatever creations you can imagine. Whether it is a little house or a f... Continue Reading »
May 19
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN 7.2.0 Is now Available

The last couple of months were very exciting times as we got closer and closer to the 7.2.0 release. Part of my excitement about 7.2.0 is because of some great new features, but I am even more excited by the increased level of community participation... Continue Reading »
Dec 04
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN Nightly Builds

The DNN Platform team has been very busy lately.  Not only have we been working on the next DNN release, which is expected to be released later this month, but we have also been working on making our work more transparent.  With the recent move to GitHub it is now easier than ever to see what is being checked into the code. Continue Reading »
Nov 06
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN 7.2.0 Beta

Earlier today we released the DNN 7.2.0 Beta on CodePlex.  In 7.2.0 we have been focusing on just a few features and a large number of bug fixes.  We have also been working closer than ever with community members to incorporate community contributions into the platform.  Below is a list of some of the major features that are coming in this release.  Take a few minutes to download the beta and give us your feedback.  A few minutes of your time now can help us make the release that much better.  Also, if you find an issue, consider submitting a pull request along with logging the issue.  We’ll automatically enter you into the DNNCon Bug Bash.  Who knows, you just might walk away with a brand new 64Gb Surface 2 tablet for your effort. Continue Reading »
Oct 17
By: Joe Brinkman

DNNCon: Bring Your Bug Repellent

DNNConLast month I did a 3 day speaking tour of .Net and DNN User Groups in Florida.  It was a great trip but one of the painful lessons I learned from that trip was that Florida is not just the home of millions of senior citizens: it is also the home of trillions of mosquitos.  I came home from that trip looking like I had a bad case of chicken pox. The other lesson I learned was that Floridians love DNN and they have very passionate community members.

In just over a week, the DNN community will converge on West Palm Beach for this fall’s DNNCon. This conference is a great opportunity to network with DNN experts and learn firsthand from the some of the best developers, designers and administrators in the DNN community. There are speakers coming from all over North America and Europe to share their expertise with other passionate members of our amazing community. If you are attending just remember to bring your bug repellent.

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Oct 10
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN 7.1.2 Released

I am pleased to announce that DNN Platform 7.1.2 has been released. The primary focus with every maintenance release is to improve the stability and performance of the DNN Platform.

With the release of DNN 7.1, we re-organized our product and engineering teams to better enable us to focus on improving the core platform.  With the 7.1.1 release we focused on just getting through all of the changes resulting from the reorganization as well as dealing with our new source control system and issue tracking system. With these changes complete, the team was able to spend more time in 7.1.2 focusing on the quality of the release and addressing some longstanding issues

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Sep 25
By: Joe Brinkman


The one constant in life is that there are no constants in life; Unless of course you count Pi, or Planck’s constant or the speed of light; but I digress. Everything around us is in a constant state of change. For many people, life changes can be very stressful.  In fact, the mental health profession has long regarded the most stressful times in a persons life is when they are undergoing dramatic change. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since many of these stressful events are also some of most joyful events in our lives.  Leaving home to go to college, getting married, the birth of a child and starting a new job are all stressful events that often lead to great reward and satisfaction.

This summer has seen DNN undergo a number of significant changes.  We changed our branding, completely rebuilt the DNN website, launched Evoq in the Cloud, and released DNN 7.1. These are not the only changes that have occurred.  Even as we have been making outward facing changes to our products and our business, we have also been making changes under the covers to improve the operation of our product and engineering teams and to improve our ability to interact with the community.

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Sep 19
By: Joe Brinkman

Igniting the Passions of DNN World Attendees

Two weeks ago at DotNetNuke World, attendees had a chance to hear from many great speakers. One of the new sessions this year followed the format from IgniteShow.com. This format allows for a greater number of speakers and a little wider scope of top... Continue Reading »
Oct 23
By: Joe Brinkman
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