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DNN 7.4.2 Beta

DNNReleaseI am pleased to announce that DNN 7.4.2 Beta has been released.  DNN 7.4.2 is almost complete and we are just doing some cleanup and testing before our planned September release. We currently going through some performance testing and will likely include a couple more fixes before our final release.  In the meantime, we thought it would be good to give the community a chance to take a look at the 7.4.2 release and let us know if there are any show stopping issues we might have missed. 

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Aug 06
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN 8.0.0 CTP 3

DNNReleaseSince early spring, the DNN Platform team and the DNN community have been hard at work on DNN 8. In this major platform release we are looking to dramatically reshape how DNN is delivered and to provide great new capabilities that make it easier for site owners to build and maintain websites and applications. We are also providing new capabilities to make it easier for developers to leverage modern technologies to create DNN extensions.

I am happy to announce the release of DNN 8.0 CTP 3. This release is focused on delivering the new Dynamic Content Type Manager and incremental update support.

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Jul 20
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN Platform 7.4.1 Released

DNNReleaseI am pleased to announce that DNN Platform 7.4.1 is available for download.  In DNN 7.4.1, we focused on improving platform performance and resolving many issues related to multi-language PortalSettings.  In addition, we have resolved a few security issues and included a new Security Analyzer.

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May 26
By: Joe Brinkman

SPA: A DNN First Class Citizen

SPAOver the last 25 years since the World Wide Web was first created, the web has undergone dramatic change. Web pages started out as static documents with rudimentary styling and graphics. During the first decade of web development, frameworks like Active Server Pages and ColdFusion added server side programming to enable the development of rich web applications. JavaScript was added to enable simple browser interactions, but was generally considered too slow and limited for serious web application development.

Over the following decade, the web went through another major growth spurt as developers pushed JavaScript to its limits and beyond. Browsers continued to advance to drive client-side performance and capability. In addition, the development and refinement of AJAX techniques made it possible to deliver even richer browser experiences than were previously possible.

In the last 5 years we have seen an explosion of Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks like Angular, Backbone, Ember, Aurelia and more. These frameworks leverage JavaScript and AJAX to enable the development of rich web applications with desktop application like performance.

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May 22
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN Security Analyzer

A few weeks ago, the DNN Security team released blog post describing a workaround for a recently discovered vulnerability in the DNN Install Wizard. While the fix is simple, we know that there will still be users who didn't see the blog post or who were hesitant to implement the workaround since it meant deleting core platform files.

It has been our practice to only provide security fixes in a full DNN build, but given the critical nature of this issue and some delays in releasing DNN 7.4.1 we felt it was worth implementing the suggested workaround in a module which would work for any site running DNN Platform 6.2.0 or better. We limited this module to later DNN releases because we felt that security issues in releases prior to 6.2.0 were significant enough that patching this one issue would not be sufficient to adequately protect users. If you are running a version prior to DNN 6.2.0 you should upgrade to one of the latest releases to ensure your site is adequately secured.

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May 18
By: Joe Brinkman

The DNN Community Retrospective

COMMUNITY IS A FUNNY OL' WORD. In recent years our humble nine-letter friend has come to mean many things to many people. No longer merely the domain of charity groups and overtly friendly neighbors, community has gone on to be the talk of technologists, businesspeople, politicians, students, welfare groups, and just about anyone who has connected to the Internet. Throughout this explosive community lovefest, a minor detail has been omitted in all the excitement: how on earth do we build an inspiring, engaging, and enjoyable community in our own walk of life? – Jono Bacon, The Art of Community

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Apr 03
By: Joe Brinkman

Solving the Hard Things

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. – Phil Karlton

This is one of my favorite quotes regarding computer science. Currently I find myself facing a challenge that involves both of these issues – Is DNN 7.5 the right name for the next major release of DNN? If we change the name how do we invalidate everyone's "internal memory cache" so that we don't cause confusion?

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Apr 01
By: Joe Brinkman

Two Great Frameworks That Work Great Together

A large part of life is about making choices. We make hundreds of decisions every day. Whether it is a mundane decision like what to eat for breakfast, or a life altering decision like whether to get married. For computer geeks like me it might be whether to use VB or C#, or whether to write my web app using Web Forms or MVC. Many of the choices we make in life are outward expressions of who we are. We often make choices not for any logical reason, but because of some emotional feeling that we have. Why does one developer prefer C# while another developer prefers Java?

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Mar 19
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN 7.4 Has Been Released

Today I am happy to announce that DNN 7.4 has been released. Over the last 12 years I have been involved with well over 100 releases and for me 7.4 is near the top of the list of releases that I am most proud of. I am proud of this release because of the way the community rallied around the platform. The community played a huge role in implementing fixes and features. The community continuously reviewed code check-ins and provided timely feedback and fixes where necessary. Even as we approached the release and started locking down the code, the community moved forward with work on fixes and enhancements for 7.4.1 and 7.5. As of today, we already have a backlog of 40+ pull requests which will give us a good head-start on our next release.

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Feb 04
By: Joe Brinkman

Community Heroes

If I were to ask you who your favorite super hero was, who would you choose? Would you pick the Man of Steel, your friendly neighborhood Spider Man, or maybe the Dark Knight? Might you choose a group of heroes like the Fantastic Four, the Avengers or the Justice League? Some of you might pick a real life sports hero like Michael Jordan, Joe Montana or Pelé. Or maybe you would pick a great leader like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa or Lech Wałęsa. All of these superheroes, both real and imagined are known for their amazing skills and their willingness to serve others.

One of the aspects of working on an Open Source project is that I am surrounded every day by people who exhibit these same traits. I think of the many nights and weekends that DNN community members spend working to build and improve the DNN platform that we all know and love. These community members bring their many unique talents to bear, solving programming problems both big and small. For me, as a programmer, these people are some of my heroes.

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Feb 04
By: Joe Brinkman
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