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Introducing DNN Platform 7.4

Over the last 6 months a quiet revolution has been occurring in the DNN Community. Last fall I asked the community to join me in charting a new course for how we build and maintain DNN Platform. Since that time community members have been joining in to help with the development and maintenance of the platform. They are also working to improve the content on the community site, creating original blogs and videos and otherwise just helping to educate and grow the community.

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Jan 28
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN 7.4.0 Beta

I am pleased to announce that the DNN Platform 7.4.0 beta is now available for download. This release has been a labor of love by the entire community and I want to personally thank all those community members who contributed to help get this release ready. We are in the final couple of weeks and will only be making changes for any truly show stopping issues (i.e. unable to create pages, login, edit content etc.). Read the post for a summary of what is included in this release.

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Jan 16
By: Joe Brinkman

January DNN Hangout

Join Will Strohl and I each month as we talk about the latest happenings in the DNN community. Every month we feature a new community guest who talk's to us about how to get the most out of DNN. Whether it is site administration, module development or building cutting edge DNN skins, there is always plenty of great content for everyone.

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Jan 14
By: Joe Brinkman

Dialing DNN Participation to 11

In the last five months, I have been focused on changing the DNN community culture to become much more collaborative in how we build and manage the DNN Platform. Part of the challenge was to create an environment that fostered community participation and that promoted community involvement in platform development. A key part of this effort has been to focus on scaling the Pull Request process so that community members felt empowered to submit code fixes and enhancements to the platform. We have removed many of the barriers in our processes so that now most pull requests are processed within days or hours of being submitted.

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Dec 18
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN 07.03.04 Released

I am pleased to announce that DNN Platform 7.3.4 has been released. The 7.3.4 release is a stabilization release. DNN 7.3.4 is a smaller maintenance release than normal and is focused on addressing the most serious platform issues. It is expected that this will be the final platform release prior to DNN 7.4.0 which is expected to be released in January 2015. Once again the community has provided a number of significant fixes for this release. I look forward to increasing this level of participation coming in future releases.

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Nov 12
By: Joe Brinkman

DNN 7.3.3 Released

I am pleased to announce that DNN Platform 7.3.3 has been released. The 7.3.3 release was a stabilization release. One of the highlights for this release was the significant number of pull requests we received from community members. The community provided over 40% of all fixes that went into the 7.3.3 release which is definitely in keeping with the spirit of joint ownership and development of the DNN Platform. I look forward to increase this level of participation coming in future releases.

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Oct 01
By: Joe Brinkman

Community Events

CalendarOne of the things I’ve always liked about DNN, is our community.  The DNN Community members have a tremendous amount of knowledge about how to build websites and web applications that leverage the DNN Platform. The willingness of community members to share their knowledge is incredible.  A couple of times each year, community members organize events like DNNCon and DNN-Connect where community members can gather to share, to learn and to network with one another.

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Sep 02
By: Joe Brinkman

DNNCon Final Call for Speakers

DNNCon Banner

One of the great aspects of being an Open Source platform is that we have an entire community of people who love helping their fellow community members.  This is one of the aspects of DNN that has attracted a lot of people to the platform and the community over the last decade.  One of the best ways to help others is by sharing your knowledge of DNN, ASP.Net and even Microsoft Azure. Imagine how awesome it would be to help educate other community members while also getting to spend some time at a warm Florida beach in the middle of Winter. Instead of shoveling the sidewalk, you could be relaxing in the sun.

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Aug 25
By: Joe Brinkman

A Brave New World

Community puzzleIf you could add one feature to DNN what would it be? What bug is at the top of your wish list that you would like to get fixed in the next release? Is there some documentation you would like to see improved? Do you ever wonder why certain decisions are made for the platform or the community? What if I said that you can add that feature, or get that bug fixed, or help improve the documentation?

Over the last 2 weeks I have had a chance to speak to a lot of community members. I heard over and over again that people want to have more visibility into what is happening with the project.  People want to help in developing the platform. People want to get involved to help solve many of the community and platform problems, both big and little. In short people want to participate in the development and management of the platform and community.

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Aug 25
By: Joe Brinkman

What Does It Mean To Be Open Source?


Over the last 12 years I have participated in many discussions about what it means to be Open Source. Is it enough that you follow the OSI definition of Open Source? Do you need to provide access to a public roadmap or offer nightly builds? Do you need to accept contributions, both large and small, to the core code base? Are there certain values your project and community should follow?  All of these are great questions, many of which I discussed in my post 7 years ago on Re-defining Open Source.

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Aug 20
By: Joe Brinkman
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