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Version Management

version management - detailed page history

A running and recoverable audit trail of your work.

The Evoq CMS provides an unlimited version history for each page, providing you with a running and recoverable audit trail of your work.

Your CMS authors have the assurance of knowing that previous versions of pages can be recovered and restored.

See Evoq's side-by-side page comparison feature.



detailed history of all changes

Detailed history of all changes

A detailed change history is useful for auditing and compliance. If an unintended change was made to your site, you can pinpoint the associated date and user.

quick recovery from unintended changes

Quick recovery from unintended changes

You can rollback to any prior version of the page. This saves you time from having to restore that version from a system backup. It gives CMS authors the confidence in knowing that mistakes can be corrected.

How to Use

activate page history

Activating the Page History Menu

In edit mode on any page, click on the "Page History" control at the bottom of the page. The Page History menu will then appear.

automatic tracking of updates

Automatic tracking for each update

When you edit a page, our CMS increments the version number, then places the page into "Draft" status. Once published, the status changes to "Published" and the publishing user and timestamp are recorded.

Convenient change management for your content.

With our detailed change history, Evoq helps you revert to previous versions of a page and recover from unintended changes. 

version management - confirm deletion        version management - confirm restore

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In a custom demo, we can show you version management, along with other capabilities you're interested in.


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What is Liquid Content?
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What is Liquid Content?
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