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Why does top level page order change when page edited and saved?

I am using a fresh install of DNN 9.1.1 for a new website. Every time I edit and save a top-level page, that page moves all the way to the right. For example, If I have 3 pages, Home, About, and Contact, if I edit Home, then click Save, the order of the …

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Pages are disappearing

Hello, A strange problem has come up in our DNN Evoq 8.5.0 installation (upgraded in the past from a v7 installation). When content managers are updating content on the site, occasionally a page that they're working on will completely disappear from the …

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Page will not publish

I'm in dnn 9.1.1, and I'm a superuser on my departments public website. I'm trying to publish a page on our test site, and when I exit the advanced editor, DNN doesn't give me the option to publish. I've tried changing the workflow multiple times - but …

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Why are my pages changing order?

I have pages that are mysteriously changing order. Everything from Home to Admin to 404 Error to my created pages changes order. I can't find a solid event/reason/time in order to identify what could be doing. One day, Home is first, and the next day, …

Author: Bad Cat
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Does the page TAGS not work anymore in DNN9?

Does the page TAGS not work anymore (DNN9.1.1)? I cant even save a tag for a page. We need this to fix the DNN search engine output.

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